AARP Membership Login, Registration Benefits, Renewal And Cancellation

AARP Membership Login: A United States interest-based group of retired people above 50 years. This is abbreviated as the American Association of Retired Persons. Founded in the year 1958 and has 30 billion members in 2018. This sells the paid membership of $16 for 50 and above age and $12.5 for below age people. The AARP markets the insurance and gives benefits in the pharmacy, travel, and many others. The AARP Membership will give you the perks and also permit them how to live after age.

AARP Membership Login

AARP Membership Card
AARP Membership Card

The membership card application is very easy and now we can apply before 50 and get permanent and free on our 50th birthday. In this article, we will see about how the AARP Membership Account Activation, Login and other important procedures of the AARP account.

AARP Membership Activation @

The Membership joining and the registration process is very easy and you can join for 12$ on your first-year membership and can continue with the 16$. Just follow the steps below to join the membership.

  • Open your internet browser and see the official website.
  • The URL of the AARP website is
  • Click on the ‘Join’ button on the top left corner of the page.
AARP Membership Benefits
AARP Membership Benefits
  • Now enter the details like your name along with your Birth date in the fields provided.
  • Enter the complete address particulars in the fields along with the Zip Code and the country.
  • Enter your spouse detail which is optional. The AARP provides free Membership for your partner.
AARP Membership
AARP Membership
  • Create an AARP online membership with the Email Address and password. So, you can manage your card and enroll in the benefits online.
  • Skip the above step if you already possess an online account.
AARP Membership Join
AARP Membership Join
  • Here, select the membership term then accept the terms and conditions.
  • Click on ‘Continue Billing’ and give your credit/Debit card details and click on continue.

You will get the confirmation about joining the membership and we receive the card by mail to your address.

AARP Membership Online Account Registration

The AARP membership card is sent to our mail address and you can use them without any activation of the card. But to manage the account online once check the benefits on your card and then go for an online account in the AARP.

  • Follow the instructions below discussed in detail to activate the AARP Account.
  • Check the internet connection of your laptop or the device.
AARP Membership Centre
AARP Membership Centre
AARP Membership Registration
AARP Membership Registration
  • If you want any information about the ID click on the Question mark beside the Member ID field.
  • Give your first name and last name and birth date details in the spaces provided.
  • Type the security challenge letters in the space and click on the Next button.
  • Now, give your Email address and password and save them for further use.
  • Click on Next and your online account is ready for use.

Now, you can log in to your account and check the details from anywhere.

Steps To Login Into AARP Membership 

We can log in to our account with the registered details and know the latest offers and rewards as the member of AARP. If you have already registered then you can directly login into the account. If not follow the steps discussed above for online registration.

  • Open your internet browser and type in the search and enter.
  • On the website click on Login which is on the right corner.
AARP Membership Login
AARP Membership Login
  • Give your registered Email address in the first box provided.
  • Enter the password for the registered address in the provided field.
  • Type the Letters of the security challenge in the space and click on the login.

Now, you can access the account and check all the benefits you are eligible and also the reward points.

Benefits Of AARP Membership

There are many insurance plans available in the market but the AARP gives you benefits that are quite different from all others. It gives the perks and rewards in all the categories which are discussed here.

Vision and hearing care:

  • The AARP members and their families are eligible for saving on their eyeglasses and pay only $55 for the eye test at  LensCrafters, SearsOpticals, and Target Optical locations nationwide.
  • You are also eligible to take the free hearing test once a year conducted by the National Hearing Test and the results are available in 10 minutes. You also get advice on improving your hearing and vision.

Entertainment and dining discounts:

  • You can know the events happening around you and stay connected with the news stories.
  • The AARP membership will give you dining discounts in about 30 different restaurants. You can also claim the offers in the theaters and also get additional discounts in the shopping.
  • AARP offers free popular movies for Grownups in particular cities and you can know about this in your online account.

Rewards And Gifts Of AARP Membership

Discount on Medication:

  • Members of the AARP can claim a 61 percent off discount on all their prescribed medicines. We can also track the entire family’s prescription history online.
  • There are also free online tools that help you to track your medication like getting an answer to the questions, calculate BMI, look for symptoms, and many more.

Insurance and travel:

  • The AARP will give you exclusive insurance benefits while buying a new car along with moving to a new home. You can also get the 12 m on the rate protection on the auto insurance.
  • You can get discounts on the flight charges and also on the rent of hotels and resorts. The AARP travel will guide you to plan your travel with the special offers.

These are the offers and benefits you get with an AARP membership card. There are other benefits for the limited-time members also. All these are given in detail on the official website of the AARP.

Renewal AARP Membership Online

When you join as a member your first-year annual fee will be $12 and you will get the free membership for your spouse. You can opt for the automatic renewal which is optional. If you have not done you need to renew your card after the year. The renewal process is very easy given below.

AARP Membership Renewal
AARP Membership Renewal
  • Click on the Renew Now option on the screen. As shown in the below image.
  • Give the First Name and Last name in the boxes provided and also enter your Birthday details.
  • Along with these give the ZIP Code of the country. These will find your membership.
  • Click on ‘Find My Membership’ below and you will be directed to your account.
AARP Membership Renew
AARP Membership Renew
  • Give your credit card/ Debit card details and choose the membership plan and make the payment.

Now, your card is renewed and you can use it back to gain the advantages of the membership.

Cancel Membership In AARP

If you want to cancel the membership in the AARP you can do it in three methods. Canceling your card will not cancel your account benefits. You can also use My benefits even after the cancellation for yourself or others.

The cancellation process is as below

By a Call: The AARP has a toll-free number that is used to cancel the membership. Call to the number and then follow the instructions given and answer a few questions to cancel your membership.

The Toll-free number is 800-514-4564.

Email: We can send the email to [email protected] and put the subject line as “cancel member account” and write your message for the cancellation.

Note: you should include the Name, Address of the member, and Birthdate in the message.

Mail a Letter: We can send a letter to the mail address requesting the cancellation of the membership. Include the details like the name, address, and birth date of the member. The mail address is


3200 East Carson St.

Lakewood, CA 90712

Attn: Cancel Membership

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AARP Membership Assistance Service Numbers

The AARP has the toll-free number which can assist you in solving any troubles with the online website.

Assistance for join: Dial to the number 1-800-566-0242.

Nation-wide numbers: 1-888-687-2277

International Calls: 1-202-434-3525

Spanish: 1-877-342-2277

 Call Hours: Between 7:00 Am-11:00 PM from Monday to Friday.


This article will give you complete information about the AARP membership. We provided the Login, Join, and registration procedures. Along with that we also discussed the benefits of the membership, renewal, and cancellation procedures clearly. Hope this information will help you to know about the AARP membership. People can also search here for more updates on pay portals, credit card activations, and more on loginpayportal.

People Also Ask On AARP Membership

How can i get AARP Card?

Once you sign up with AARP Membership and join you will receive a AARP Card.

Can i read all the news related to AARP Membership on AARP Magazine?

Yes one can read all the AARP Magazine online and people who use tablet device can download AARP Publications Tablet App.

Is it worth to apply and take the AARP Membership?

Yes, one who travels frequently can go for this AARP and get many benefits under its membership.

How to check my AARP Membership?

One can log in to your AARP Membership account and check for your details under your account.


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