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If you are having a new Capital One Credit Card with you which is not activated then you are missing all the perks coming with that. There is also a chance of someone activating your card or the validity is completed. The Activation of your New Capital One Credit Card is very easy and takes a few seconds.

 Activate Capital One @ www.capitalone.com

The Capital One is the prominent bank in The United States that issues the Credit Cards. These Cards are very useful for any payment and there is no need to carry the cash everywhere. Credit cards are used when you don’t have cash but you can pay the bills also. The Capital One Credit Cards give rewards for the purchases you make using them. The Credit Cards activation is done online or by using the phone number.


When you receive your Capital One Credit Card by mail and check the details given in the papers with it.  These papers have the online website of the Capital One to activate the card.

Requirements To Activate The Card

  • Card number
  • Social security number
  • Credit card
  • Website of the Capital One Bank
  • Internet connection

Activate Capital Credit Card Online

Check your internet connection on your phone or laptop and keep your card handy with you.

  • Visit your favorite browser and search for the website.
  • The URL of this website is www.capitalone.com is available in the mail of the Credit Card.
  • If you are a new cardholder then you need to enroll in online banking and if you already have an existing Capital One Credit card then you need to link the new card details with the old one. People can also know here about the Merrick Bank Credit Card Activation.
New Capital One Credit Card-Activate
New Capital One Credit Card-Activate
  • Click on ‘Activate New Cards Online’ and you can see a new window opened.
  • So, if yours is a new credit card tap on the ‘Enroll here’ option.
Capital One Credit Card New- Activate
Capital One Credit Card New- Activate
  • In this new Window give your details like the Last Name in the field provided for that.
  • Give the Social Security Number or Bank Account Number.
  • Give your Date of birth particulars and click on find me
Capital One Credit Card Activate
Capital One Credit Card Activate
  • Follow the instructions on the screen your then the card will be activated within seconds.
  • If you are an existing card holder’s click on the ‘Sign In’ option. The existing users no need to enroll again and they can change their card details directly online.
capitalone.com Activate
capitalone.com Activate
  • Give your Username and Password of your account and tap on Sign in below.
  • Change your old Credit Card details with the new one and your Credit Card is ready to use.
Activate Capital One Credit Card
Activate Capital One Credit Card

Activate New Capital One Credit Cards Using Phone Number

The Activating Capital Credit Card can also be done through the phone number. But, we need to call from the registered phone number with the card to make the process speed. There are different customer service numbers for both Canada and the United States. The numbers printed on the mail sent to you by Capital One Bank.

  • Dial the number and follow the instructions given by them.
  • All of them are toll-free numbers so they do not charge any money while activation or for the call.
  • Also, people can get support by calling customer care, and here is the Customer Care Number Of Capital One.

CapitalOne Customer Care Number:  1-877-383-4802

Activate Capital One Credit Cards Through Mobile Application

We all use the Smartphone to do all your needs. So the Capital One bank has created the Application which is available for both Android and iOS App stores.

  • Launch your application and click on your profile.
  • Open the ‘Account Settings’ and click on ‘Activate Credit Card’.
  • So, you can also manage your account and see all the details edit them, and also check the transactions made with it.

Recover Password And Username Of CapitalOne

If you have lost your login details about the account and cannot find them. We can recover the Username and Password of the account very easily. Click on the ‘Forgot Username and Password’ on the sign-in page and give the particulars for verification in the next window. We have recovered the username and password.


Capital One Bank is one of the leading ones to issue and manage Credit Cards. It gives easy procedures for the customers to use their facilities. Here the Activating Capital Credit Card process is given in detail. Just go through it and Activate your new or existing Credit card in an easy method. To know more about other cards just tune our page loginpayportal and get all the regular updates.

People Also Ask On Activation Of Capital One Credit Card

Can we request a new PIN for the CapitalOne Credit Card?

Yes, we can get a new Pin number from your account by online method.

Can we close the Credit Card account?

It is simple to close the card through the online method.

Can we recover the username and password of the account?

Yes, we can reset them or recover them by providing the basic details to access the account.


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