Barclaycard Payment Methods | Pay Barclaycard With Debit Card, Phone, App

Barclaycard is multinational credit cards those have about millions of customers and come with excellent and efficient offers. It will give you the best way to have control of your finance and earn points on everyday shopping. The online portal of Barclaycard will help you register the account and login manages these cards efficiently. The card provides a secure payment of credit loans using different methods. Here in the below article, we will give you the complete details about the different payment methods of Barclaycard.

Barclaycard Payment Methods

The Barclaycard is different when compared with others as they have unique features that will give you more convenient in using these cards. Many benefits come along with a card, which helps the cardholders and can manage the account online. The application of Barclaycard is also an online process, and you will receive the card to the mail address and open the account in the website with the required details. The repayment process is easy, and the card provides various ways for the convenience of the cardholders. Here is the list of payment modes which mentioned below

  • Direct Debit
  • Your bank Account
  • Phone
  • Barclay Branch
  • Apple Pay
  • Pingit

Pay Barclaycard Payments Online

We will provide you with the complete details that will help you to make the bill payments easily. You can choose the mode which is flexible to you and payments methods.

We can pay the bill using your debit card within Barclaycard online servicing and also mobile application when making a payment from this online servicing and choose payments in the main menu. To register you will get the Barclay online servicing from the official portal if you are using the Mobile application than tap on making a Payment option from the main menu of the page.

Pay Barclaycard With Debit Card:

We can pay the bills using the direct debit process and setting automated payments. Barclaycard provides three types of debit card payment options which are

  • Minimum amount
  • Full Balance payment
  • Fixed Amount payment

If your debit card is eligible to set up a debit with Barclay card, then you can contact customer services to set up.

Bank Account:

The account holders of Barclay can make their payments with online banking services. If you don’t have a Barclay account than pay through your bank’s phone or online services is also possible.

Bank Details

Sort Code: 20-04-15

Our account number: 38290008

BarclayCard Payment Gateway, Plan


We can make the payments through making a phone to the customer services, and you need to have the details of Barclaycard, Passcode and Debit card with you to complete the process. The customer services phone numbers are

Phone Number: 0800 151 0900, 0333 200 9090

Barclays Branch:

We can make the payment from any of the nearest branches in your location. You should have your account details before visiting to pay without any issues. To find the banks check the Barclays branch finder in the official website.

Barclaycard Login
Barclaycard Login

Apple Pay:

You can link your Visa Credit card to the Apple Pay wallet application easily and quickly. So, you can pay using your iPhone or Apple Watch in the store when you see the contactless symbol or Apple Pay logo. The best part is there is no limit for paying the amount.


It will help you to send money to your friends and family using the pingit. You can ask and pay the amount back using this application instead of requesting the account details. Customers can send the money to anyone using the UK mobile number associated with any bank account.

There is no limit in amount transfers that you can send and receive each day. It will depend upon the type of account you have and the method you are using to pay the amount.

Methods to pay Barclaycard payments discussed in the sections above. So do follow carefully and pay all your bills securely.


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