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Chase Credit Card: We all have credit cards which we use to make payments. These are far better than the cash payments as we can use them online and can manage the account very easily. If you are planning to take a new credit card than then Chase cards are a good option. Chase cards have a wide range of options in choosing the type of card and offers.

Activate Chase Credit Card @ verify card

Chase offers credit cards in VISA, MasterCard, rewards, cashback, no annual fee, travel, business, and student credit cards. You can pick one as per your needs. We can apply for a Chase credit card online. Choose the offer you like and click on Apply now. If you want to apply through paper Chase sends you the credit card offers fill the application and mail them back.

When you apply for a Chase card then the bank will mail you the card. Or else when you take an account in the Chase bank they will offer you a credit card. If you want to use that card, you have to first activate the card and then use it for any transactions. We need to activate the card immediately. If you wait for one or two months the card will be canceled. There are many methods to activate the card. We discuss them in the below section clearly.

Chase Card Verification Through Online

When you get a card through the bank you need to activate the card. To activate the card through online go through the steps below

  • Go to your browser and open the Chase card website or type the website URL in the search box which is on the back of the card.
  • A window appears showing the username and password.
  • If you are already registered with the online with the Chase bank give your details.
  • If you don’t have an account, then tap on Not enrolled? Sign up now.
Chase Credit Card Login
Chase Credit Card Login
  • To create an account you need to have the below information details
  1. Your credit card number
  2. Social security number or tax identification number
  3. You’re billing address and email.
  • Go to the home page and give your username and password, click on sign in.
  • Click on “My Accounts” and select the credit card that you want to activate.
Chase Credit Card Activation
Chase Credit Card Activation
  • Click on the activate button and your card is ready to use.
  • Create a PIN for the credit card and remember the number for the future purpose.
  • You will get a notification to your mail or registered number that your card is ready to use.
  • You will get the activation perks on airlines to check this click on the Rewards Activity or Use Points tab to know.
Chase Credit Card Verification
Chase Credit Card Verification
  • To validate your card remove the sticker and sign the card using a ball pen.

Credit Card Activation With A Phone Call

We can also activate the card using the call service given by the Chase Bank. The customer service number will be on the sticker in the front side of your card.

  • Call the number with the same phone you have given in the credit card application form.
  • To activate the card the service members will ask you few security questions that you have answered while filling the application.
  • They will also ask the last four digits of your Social Security number, date of birth.
  • Say whether you want to activate the cash back bonus of 5% where you need to activate the card for every three months.
  • Remove the sticker in front of the card after giving the information.
  • Sign the card with the ball pen in the space provided for the signature.
Chase Credit Card Activation Screenshot
Chase Credit Card Activation Screenshot
  • You will get the email and a message to your registered number that your card is activated.

Problems In Activation Of The Card

Registered phone number:

  • For activating of the card using the mobile number you provided in the application to call.
  • The bank does not support the other number to do the verification.
  • If you lost the number then visit the bank or call the customer service number if you are in this case.

 Customer service: 

  • If you have any problems in activation in your card or with any other details then call the customer service number on your card which works all day.

Secure message center:

  • Sign in to your account, then you can find “secure Message center”.
  • Click on that and compose the message and write to the bank about the problem you are facing in activating the Credit card.
Chase Credit Card Verify
Chase Credit Card Verify
  • If all these above processes do not work then go to the Chase bank and activate your card.


We have provided you the activation methods of the chase credit cards and also the methods to solve the problem that will arrive while activating your card. Go through the steps and activate your card and get the bonus and advantage of using your Chase credit card. We have also mentioned a few FAQ’s which will be helpful for you. Hope all the content provided helps in using the ChaseCreditCard predominantly without any issues. Stay tuned to loginpayportal to get more updates on all other Credit card portals.

People Also Ask On Chase Credit Card 

How often should I need to activate the Chase Credit Card?

To get the 5% cash back you need to activate the card every three months.

What is the deadline to activate the Chase credit card?

We should activate the card within two months or it will be canceled.

Can we reset the Pin of the credit card?

Yes, you can reset the Pin of the credit card online.


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