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Chnlove is an online website where a person can meet new people and make a bond with them. The site is not for only Asia but also worldwide. For starting to use this website, the customer has first to complete the signing process. And the process is simple for the users, which takes only a couple of minutes. From this article, you can get the information about this Chnlove website.

About Chnlove

Chnlove is a login portal of Asiame.com, which is the number one online communication platform worldwide. Through this web portal, millions of single people are finding out their partner. Also, the website helps to create love between a couple. Its database is full of different and verified active profiles, which updates regularly. The site is providing many services like SMF mail, live chat, Video call, gifts, and many more.


For 20 years, Chnlove has become the number one online dating site, which focuses basically on Chinese women. Now worldwide, the site has more than 300 employees. Regularly, all employees are updating and maintaining the site. So, it has become able to provide high-quality service with advanced technology.

Pros And Cons Of Chnlove Website

Chnlove’s website has many advantages and disadvantages. Here we have given the pros and cons of this online dating website. You can check this information before using it.


  1. It is giving free registration that is no registration fee during the sign-up process.
  2. More than four million members have signed up this website
  3. The user can find a high-quality profile with all detail, description with photos


  1. Chnlove portal only focus on Chinese ladies
  2. For making interaction with other people, they need to pay for it.

Features of Chnlove Portal

In the below section, we have described the features of the Chnlove – Online Dating portal.

  1. The user can send mail through this and this platform is allowing the user to send emails to their interested person.
  2. Users can enjoy both voice and video calls with their new partners.
  3. In the Chnlove that is in its official portal asiame.com, the translator is available. The user can translate the text into their native language. Therefore it helps all other country people to make conversation with other country people.
  4. The world’s number one fastest and quickest dating portal.

Is Chnlove Safe To Sign In

Chnlove portal is a very secure and safe portal for the users. The site is very strict with frauds, and also the Official Website members are preventing the users from having a bad experience. Except for this online dating site, no one can give a 100% guarantee on security. The user doesn’t face any scam on this dating site. And also all Chinese girl’s profile, which is available on the website are real.

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Chnlove Pricing

Signing Up to the portal is free for the users. If you want to interact with your liking partner, then be ready to pay. The user has to spend at least one month. And the monthly price for the Chnlove is $9.99. For newcomers, it has some special discount, so in your first month, you have to pay only $3.99. Apart from the subscription, the user can also purchase credit packages, which has many opportunities. The credit packages are;

Credit Pack  Price
100  $399.00
60  $299.00
16  $96.00
3  $21.00

         FAQs About Chnlove

How Chnlove helps users?

A comprehensive online dating portal. Through this portal, a single person can find out their ideal partner.

What is the Chnlove registration charge?

The registration is free for the users. If the user wants to interact with other members, then they have to pay for this.

Is it safe to use?

Yes. 100% safe to use by its users.

What is the Chnlove subscription charge?

The user has to pay $9.99 for the subscription. But for the newcomers, the charge is $3.99 only after a discount.


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