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We all are aware that paying the bills at hospitals is a little tedious job to complete. As there are a number of formalities to complete, standing in the line and other things. This will become more difficult when one alone goes to have check up’s. So, we have the online portal where we can complete this payment process in easy simple steps. DoctorPayments is an online bill payment portal where we can do the payment in Credit card and also using insurance policy.


This is a secure way to complete your billing along with an easy process. DoctorPayments – online payment by Logix Health Care Group. The main aim of this portal is to help the people in payments of hospital bills. It has an easy interface that everyone can understand it easily and complete the billing. We can make payments just by visiting the official website of Doctor Payments.  It is designed for only two methods of paying with your credit card or insurance policy.


DoctorPayments pay all your doctors bills online just with few details entering in the website.  So, here we will see the two methods of paying the bills in DoctorPayments website in detail. We also give the advantages or benefits of using this website to make payments.

Benefits Of DoctorPayments

  • We can make payments from anywhere and anytime you want to complete.
  • There is no need for standing in lines and visit hospitals to make payments.
  • DoctorPayments is a very easy, fast and decent way to make payments.
  • We can make payments using credit cards and also with the insurance we have.
  • The customer support service is always available and will solve all the issues with it.

 Is DoctorPayments Safe

This online website is completely safe to make payments. All the information we use for the purpose of bill payment is private. We can trust DoctorPayments online portal and it also ties up with many popular hospitals. So, it makes the payments easy in any one of those hospitals. We need to check that whether the hospital or your physician is comfortable to accept the payments through Doctor Payments. So, in the next section, we will see the process of payments in both credit and insurance way.

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Pay Doctors Bills Online @

We can make a payment from anywhere after your visit to your physician. Make sure you have your bill statement to start the process. We need the Account number to pay the bills and get your balance in online website. Follow these steps below to complete the payment process.

  • Open the website of DoctorPayments or type URL to make the online bills.
  • Now tap on “Pay” option on the top right side of the page or you can also click on “Pay with Credit” on the bottom.
DoctorPayments Pay Bills Online
DoctorPayments Pay Bills Online
  • This will redirect you to the credit pay page.
  • You can also click here for the payment page directly.
  • Now we need to fill Account information in the fields given in the window.
  • Type the “Account Number” from the top of your statement.
  • Give Date of Birth details of patient in the given format.
DoctorPayments Bills Online
DoctorPayments Bills Online
  • Click on Confirm Balance option below this will take show you the patient’s details and amount to pay on your screen.
  • Now enter the amount to pay and select the option of credit or debit cards to form the drop-down list.
  • Enter CVV, Cardholder Name and Card number in the space required.
  • Check the details again and Tap on “Confirm Payment” to complete the payment process.
  • This will complete the payment process using a credit card of your billing purpose.

Insurance Pay Using DoctorPayments

This is another way of paying your hospital bills easily. Doctor Payments online portal also accepts insurance to pay the bills. Here we will see the process in detail.

  • Launch the official website of  DoctorPayments home page.
  • Select “Insurance” the second option on the top right corner or click on provide insurance information at the bottom of the homepage.
  • Give your account number and personal information like name, Birth date, phone, and email address.
  • You should also provide information about your insurance and type of insurance.
DoctorPayments Online
DoctorPayments Online
  • Now tap on continue option below and enter the other required details in the next page and submit the form online.
  • They will verify your credentials and once it is successful your insurance company will solve the issue of payments.

DoctorPayments Contact Customer Service

There are contact numbers available which will help you to make the payments easy and any solve the issues.

Number: 855.691.9890

Availability: Monday- Thursday

                     8:00 A.M to 8:00 PM

Fax: 781.276.6403

You can also fill the required details in the form of contact page to help DoctorPayments. So, that they can contact yours directly.

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