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You are likely to make the payments online and searching for a medical online payment website. Then this article will help you to sort the problem. ePayItOnline is an innovate useful website where you can make all your medical payments easily. Everyone uses online payments, and that makes things easy to handle. Here we will guide you to pay your Health Bill at the ePayItOnline portal.

What is ePayItOnline

It is a health payment service which used in many hospitals in the United States. ePayItOnline is an online portal with a well-maintained website to make your medical bills very quickly. The money received by the portal will directly transfer to the linked hospital. So, there is no worry about payments. The payments and details are much secured and also give you many benefits like refunds and rewards. Payments to your account are made very quickly as most of the hospitals offer their customers online mode payment. It is the best and easy way to do that. Here we will give details on login and payment process.


ePayItOnline is the secure online way to pay the medical bills where most of the hospitals use this for making their payments. The code for the login will give on the billing statement to the patient with that one can log in the account. It is only available to the hospitals and medical centers which are tied up.


It will reduce the burden of paying the bills by standing in the long lines and saves both effort and time. There are no extra charges assigned by ePayItOnline for making the payments. It is a medical billing platform which is designed by the Data Media associates which helps in dealing with many technical health-related issues. ePayItOnline is very trusted worthy, and you can pay bills secure and private.

Uses of ePayItOnline

  • There is no need to wait in lines in the hospitals.
  • ePayItOnline is the secure way and fast method to make payments.
  • It does not charge any hidden amount for payments.
  • We get the hard copy of payments after completion.
  • Check the status and history of payments in the account.
  • We can pay our medical bills at any time as it is an online service.
  • All the statements are saved in your online login account and can access anytime.
  • You can update your information at any point of time like personal or bill payment cards.
  • Users can easily access their account information and view them in the login page.

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Steps To Login ePayItOnline

Making of bill payments in the ePayItOnline portal is very easy, and you need to have the details of CodeID and Access number. Make sure you have a good internet connection, so there is no break in the middle of payment.

  • Open the browser and type ePayItOnline and select the first search of the page.
  • You can click epayitonline.com to go to the login page directly.
Pay Your Health Bill epayitonline.com
Pay Your Health Bill epayitonline.com
  • Give your CodeID and Access in the fields given to them.
  • These numbers will print on your medical bill given to you in the hospital.
  • If you don’t have any idea of these numbers, then click on help option in the login page.
Pay Your Health Bill ePayItOnline
Pay Your Health Bill ePayItOnline
  • It will show you a picture example of showing the CodeID and Access numbers.
ePayItOnline Pay Your Health Bill
ePayItOnline Pay Your Health Bill
  • Tap on the submit option which will create your account in ePayItOnline.

Pay Health Bill Using ePayItOnline

Now that you have an account on the website, we can make our payments using this. Follow the steps below

  • Open the login page and give your CodeID and Access number and click on the submit option.
  • Now you can see a new window where we need to give our details like name, address, phone number.
  • Also, you need to enter the details of the patient which are required to make the bills payment.
  • Now select the bill payment you want to make and modes of payment like visa, debit, or credit cards.
  • Enter the amount to make and click on ok that completes the payment of your bills.
  • You will get a message, and also you can check it in your account dashboard.

ePayItOnline Mobile Payment

We can make payments even on our mobile phones very easily. So, with this, we can access the website anytime and anywhere. These days everyone has a Smartphone that makes to pay the bills every easy. We can also do ePayItOnline scan mobile payment code on the medical bill. By scanning code, the details automatically filled without any risk or time.

Refunds Of ePayItOnline

There are few reward and exchange policies which we should get to learn before using the website. These will updat4e regularly you can check them in the online website.

Refund – The refunds are only available when the payments exceed the charges for all dates of service.

Exchanges – There are no exchanges in ePayItOnline because it is an online bill payment, not any shopping website.

ePayItOnline Customer Service

Any issues with the payment or registration you can call the customer support service. They give you the required information and help you with the problem. There is also mail service where you can send the question.

Visit the official portal www.epayitonline.com/PayItOnline/ContactUs.aspx and give the information and send a mail about your question. You will get a reply mail with all the details of the data.

You can write to the mail address of ePayItOnline.


ePayItOnline Privacy,

c/o Data Media inc,

PO BOX 2305 Alpharetta,

Georgia,30023 USA.

 For more information about the login portal to make payments follow Loginpayportal


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