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ExxonMobilRewardsPlus is a reward program where you can earn points and redeem them at convenience stores. We have a website where you can register for a card and login for all the details. This is very useful because we can gain points at our regular purchases and can change them into money to spend.  The card is very easy to use. So, we will discuss here the ExxonMobilRewardsPlus Activation, Register a card, Login and also Rewards. All these are available at one place of the official website. Read the complete article to get all the details.

ExxonMobilRewardsPlus Activation

ExxonMobil is a multinational oil and gas corporation with headquarters in Irving, Texas. It is providing its services from 1999, November 30 and started by merging both Exxon and Mobil companies. In terms of revenue, it is the largest and top listed company and ranked in fortune 500 largest US Corporation in terms of total revenue.


ExxonMobil Rewards is a program started by them which is very beneficial for continues visit of gas stations. It has this reward program to earn points and redeem them using their ExxonMobilRewardsPlus Card. It also has the website to register and handle the account along with App where you can link Exxon Mobil Rewards Plus card to the account. If you are searching for the complete information about ExxonMobilRewardsPlus then this article will help you.

ExxonMobilRewardsPlus Rewards

The rewards and points gaining are very easy in ExxonMobilRewardsPlus. At the fuel pump before credit, you can swipe ExxonMobil Rewards card and enter the details or use Speedpass+ App. Here is the list of earning points in ExxonMobilRewards Card

  • You will earn 3 points per gallon of fuel.
  • A new member will get 15 points per one gallon on their first purchase of Synergy.
  • We can also get 2 points for every 1$ spent on drinks and food from the ExxonMobilRewardsPlus account.
  • For the regular customer, there will bonus points of 100.
  • Every 100 points of collection you will get 1$ in savings for use.
  • The new card member will get 15 extra points per gallon purchase for at least 30 days.

Redeem ExxonMobilRewardsPlus

We can redeem the points at any eligible purchases. You can use them again in the fuel pump by swiping the ExxonMobilRewardsPlus physical cards. You can also use them on food and drinks purchases. We can redeem them in Gas store items, car washes at ExxonMobil Stations.

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ExxonMobilRewardsPlus.com Register

The registration process is very easy and is available on the website of ExxonMobilRewardsPlus. It is a very easy process and completes in very few steps. Here is a guide for registration of ExxonMobilReward card.

  • Open the official website of ExxonMobilRewardsPlus in your browser.
  • Click on “Register Now” option on the home page.
ExxonMobil Rewards
ExxonMobil Rewards
  • You will see the registration form on your display screen.
  • Enter the details like First name, Last Name and Email Address in the fields given.
ExxonMobil RewardsPlus
ExxonMobil RewardsPlus
  • Give the password according to the conditions given in the page.
  • Type the phone and set a 4 PIN Digit which you can use instead of a physical card at the pump.
  • If you want a card then you can tick the option given as shown in the figure.
ExxonMobilRewardsPlus Activate
ExxonMobilRewardsPlus Activate
  • Enter your mail address and check it as the physical card will be mailed to your address.
  • Review your information and click on submit.
  • The card will arrive at your mail address within 2-3 days of time.

Login ExxonMobilRewardsPlus

You can log in to your account at any time from the website and check the details and number of points.

  • Open the home page of  ExxonMobilRewardsPlus in your browser.
  • Tap on Login option in the menu bar of the website.
ExxonMobil RewardsPlus Register
ExxonMobil RewardsPlus Register
  • Enter your Email and password in the fields given.
  • Clear the robot Captcha and click on login the button below.
  • This will open your account dashboard and you can see all the details.

ExxonMobilRewardsPlus.com Activate Card

After receiving the card you need to activate the card for further usage. This is also a simple process.

  • Open the home page and click on “Sign Up” option at the below of the window.
Activate ExxonMobilRewardsPlus
Activate ExxonMobilRewardsPlus
  • Tap here to redirect to the join page.
  • Scroll down and tick the option of “ I have a card that needs to Register” and you can see a drop down in the window.
  • Enter the card number which is 16 digits on the back of your card in the given space.
  • Type the 3- digit Activation code in which is on the back side of the card and confirm activation.
  • So, in the next steps give card information, personal details, and confirmation step. This will complete the process of activation.

ExxonMobilRewardsPlus Service Number

The ExxonMobil Rewards has the customer support service which is available at all the time.

Customer service: 888-739-2730

Availability: 9AM-7 PM (Monday- Friday)

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