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First Premier Bank Benefits, Requirements And MyPremierCreditCard Rates

Now, these days’ credit cards used by so many people. The card has a limit amount of money. It used at the time of purchase and pay the credit bill. The card using method is the best way to avoid cash transactions. So, everyone likes the use of the First Premier Bank credit card. So, here we will discuss the MyPremierCreditCard. In the coming sections, we give the credit card fee and rate structures, features, requirements, and more.


First Premier Bank 

First Premier Bank is one of the most popular banks in the United States. This bank provides financial help at the local, regional, and central levels. The bank is giving many services like checking, saving, loans, treasury, and ATM facilities. Also, it provides 24/7 online customer care service to help their customers.

Overlay, this MyPremierCreditCard service provides all the facilities to its users. A cardholder can check their balance online. Forgiving more facilities it has developed a mobile application. Through the user can check their all transaction history, stability, statement, etc. without going to the bank.

MyPremierCreditCard Features

My Premier Credit Card has so many features, which are very helpful for a cardholder. In this section, we have given all those credit card features.

  1. A credit card applier can get a call back within 60 seconds after submitting the Premier Credit Card application form.
  2. The credit card applying process is very user-friendly.
  3. The major Consumer Reporting Agencies have the user’s account history.
  4. A user can use their MyPremierCreditCard worldwide.
  5. A cardholder can set up a free text or email notification alert.

Advantages of My Premier Credit Card

  1. A cardholder can access the card through online and mobile banking
  2. You can add additional payees easily and quickly
  3. The user can get a text or email notification after bill paid
  4. You can track your payment history up to 18 months

First Premier Bank Requirements 

To create or access the MyPremierCreditCard, a user must need some things. These requirements have given below;

  1. A PC/Laptop/SmartPhone
  2. Wifi or Internet connection
  3. Username and Password

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MyPremierCreditCard Fees & Rates

Form getting the MyPremierCreditCard to access the card, a cardholder has to pay the credit cost. So, here we gave given the credit card fees and rate structure for the users.

  1. For credit card application, a user has to pay $95. It is the processing fee.
  2. The monthly servicing fee is free for one year. After that, it has to pay $6.25 per month or can pay $75 annually.
  3. Also, a variable rate applied worth of $36.0.
  4. Annually the user has to pay $29 as the additional PremierCreditCard card fee.
  5. The foreign transaction fee is 3%.

MyPremierCreditCard Login Pros & Cons

MyPremierCreditCard has some advantages and disadvantages.


  • Bad credits are also acceptable
  • It reports the payment history to the credit bureaus for rebuilding the credit


  • The My Premier Credit Card has a high-interest rate
  • Inflict the initial, monthly and annual fee

FAQs About MyPremierCreditCard

How can I withdraw money from My Premier Credit Card?

A cardholder can get a PIN at the time of receiving the credit card. Through this PIN, the user can withdraw the money from the ATM.

What is the MyPremierCreditCard customer service number?

You can contact the MyPremierCreditCard customer support team through the toll-free number – 1-800-987-5521/ 1-605-357-3440.

How can I pay the First Premier Bank bill?

A cardholder can pay the My Premier Credit Card bill through its official website or mobile application.

How can I check MyPremierCreditCard status?

Through the account user id and password, a user can quickly check the Premier Credit Card status.

Should I pay the MyPremierCreditCard bill through debit card?

Yes. A user can pay the My First Premier Credit Card bill through their debit card.

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