Kroger Employee Login at Kroger group works with many associates and partners all around the World. It values the passion, hard work and respects the interaction between the employees. So, they created the as an online platform to know about the Kroger related news, information, work schedules and much more.

Great will help to increase the relationship between the companies and the employees. It is created by Kroger that attracts and brings all their employees to one platform. We can have direct interaction with the higher authority and also regarding the pay slips, work schedules, and target, daily plans and all other work-related details.


The is an employee portal that helps to have interaction between them and achieve the goals. This gives the information about the events, salary details, about the articles, holidays, etc., So, it is important to have an account in Great people as an employee of the Kroger and it’s associative. will always keep you updated with the events and activities going in the Kroger group and the associated groups. So, this will be very helpful to know the growth of the organization and its falls and work accordingly to achieve the objectives of the individuals very effectively. Kroger Employee Login

Kroger is United States Retail Company that has a large chain of the supermarket with about 3000 stores. These stores are directly associated or the subsidiaries of Kroger. Kroger believes that the involvement of employees is always a big asset to the development of the company. So, the will help them to have a peaceful and easy environment at the place of work.

The Kroger has many subsidiaries which are a part of the companies and is considered as the parent company of this business. The list of subsidiaries of the Kroger is

  • City Market
  • Dillions
  • Fred Mayer
  • Gerbes
  • Owens Market
  • Ralphs
  • Smith’s Food and Drug
  • Baker’s

These are associated with Kroger and are one of the important companies. The other few companies are Jay C Food Store, Pay-Less Super Markets, King Soopers, Fries, and many others. We can check these lists of subsidiaries on the official website.

The Kroger’s have 440,000 people working for them and they are also extending the company which means there will be an increase in employment. We can search for these upcoming jobs for this website itself. So, you can easily apply to them. The minimum age to work in Kroger’s Group is 16 and we can apply for the jobs related to the qualifications checking in the website.

How To Login Portal

We here provided a few steps on how to log in on Greatpeople. me portal. It is a necessary step which should be followed by every employee of Kroger and its associates.

  • Go to the official website of
  • Enter the Enterprise User ID in the space provided.
  • Type the password in the below field given. Sign In Sign In
  • Then Click on sign in button.
  • Now you are signed in to the and you can know all the information regarding your organization and employees.
  • The Enterprise ID will be given by your manager and the password can be changed accordingly.

Steps to Change Password 

This section will help you if you forgot or want to change the password of your account. Follow the steps below

  • Click on the forgot password button on the home page of Great people.
  • A pop up arises on the screen.
  • Then give your Enterprise ID and answer a few security questions and reset the password.
  • We have a client service number which works all day and gives you assistance with any problems of login and usage of the account.

GreatPeople Kroger Job Opportunities

We need to apply online to make a job in Kroger where we can choose our career options based upon the qualifications. The website also helps us to search the jobs in a particular place and job keyword.

Visit the Kroger online website ( and type job keyword and location in the spaces given. Now, click on search option and you will get the jobs related to it and apply. We can also check the status of the application on the website itself. Schedule: There are jobs in Kroger on an hourly basis or weekly. So, we need to check the My e schedule in the login account to know about the timings of the next week. This is very easy for that we need to log in with the detail as explained in this article. So, we can check the Employee schedule in and plan the week accordingly.                                                                                                                                Kroger’s Near me: The Kroger was started in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio and works completely in the United States. It is the third biggest retailer chain worldwide and is located in thirty-five states. So, we can access our employee account in any Kroger company near you. The Kroger near me will help you to check and find Kroger in ear your locations.

  • Open the official Kroger near my website.
  • Enter your Zip Code, City or state in the space and tap on the search option.
  • You can also click on Search Using My Location Option on the web page along with search filters available. Customer Support Number

The official website will give you the complete details but if you have any queries we can contact the customer support service. This is a toll-free number and will work all day and year.

GreatPeople  Customer Service Number: 1 800 576 4377

In this, you can know about the login process. is a very important and useful online platform for Kroger employees. It always keeps updating the information about the activities of the group and improves the relationship between the employee and also with the organization. To know more just stay tuned to our web portal named


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