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mybalancenow.com: Target gift cards are the best gifts to be given for a birthday, graduations and also for any special occasion. They can purchase as per their interest because the target cards are valid in all the retailers. We can have both by cash and as cards.

We can buy these Target cards online with many interesting offers and the card will be delivered to you within 4 hours. There are no shipping charges except if you ask for express delivery. If you are buying a Mobile Gift Card then the vendor will get a text message and a web link for purchase.

mybalancenow.com Target Gift Card Balance

Purchasing the items from the retailers will be very easy and there is no need to worry about carrying the heavy cash. We can use these Target Gift Cards for the mobile recharges, music and game downloads and also in restaurants. Some type of target gift cards can be reloaded at the target store. Check whether your card can be reloaded and go for it.


To check the balance and manage your card we have an official website MyBalanceNow to check the details of our cards. We can check any number of gift cards in this without an account. We can also check the details of our MasterCard, Visa cards using the online portal. The process of checking the balance is very easy with the details which are available on your mybalancenow.com target card or which are sent to you in the case of the Mobile Gift Cards.

Features Of MyBalanceNow Cards

  • The funds from the card will never expire from the card and you can use them whenever you want.
  • These cards are accepted in the United States and District of Columbia stores where mybalancenow Visa and Debit card are accepted.
  • We can use them in online shopping or in-store and enjoy your shopping freedom.
  • The using of the target cards is very easy, convenient and secured.
  • Target Gift cards are not reloadable and cannot be used in ATM to get cash and also card is not useful to get the cash back at sale point.
  • We cannot transfer credits from one card to another one easily.
  • The card will expire as per the date is given with the card but the credit balance will not expire.
  • If the card expires and has funds you can get back them by calling customer service and replace the card.
  • The money for the input purchase is the only fee associated with the card and it has no additional charges.

How To Use MyBalanceNow For Target Gift Card

  • There is no need to give any personal information or credit card details to check cards.
  • Target Gift Card is convenient and very secure to use.
Target Gift Card
Target Gift Card
  • There is no need to pay any sort of fees after purchasing the card.
  • We can use Target cards for both offline purchases and nationwide Online purchases.

MyBalanceNow Activation Process: There is no separate process for mybalancenow activation as the cards are activated by the representative at the time of buying. You need to sign the back of the card when you receive the card. Make sure you note of the card number and customer number printed on the card in case of lost or stolen.

Check Target Gift Card Balance

To check the Target Gift Card balance online you need to have your Card and known some simple details about your card. The Target Card will be activated when you use it. Make sure you have the Card number, CVV, and the Expiry Date.

The process to check the balance from MyBalanceNow

  • Open the official website www.mybalancenow.com in your browser.
  • You will get the home page of the website.
Check Target Gift Card Balance
Check Target Gift Card Balance
  • Give your card number which is a 16 digit number.
  • Give the expiry date in terms of month and year in the space provided.
  • Enter CVV number which is 3 digits.
Target Gift Card Online Balance
Target Gift Card Online Balance
  • If you don’t know the CVV number just click on the question mark (?) to know what is that.
  • Click on sign in now tab below all these to see your page.
Target Gift Card Balance
Target Gift Card Balance
  • You will get to know the balance of your card just write it down in the space provided on the card for remembering.

How To Assign Zip Code To Target Card

Assigning Zip Code to your card is compulsory if you want to shop online or use the card at pumps. For this, you need to login account with card details and visit “mybalancenow Assign Zip Code” page. Here you can assign the mybalancenow ZIP code for the first time or update the existing code.

To use the cards at retail stores there is no need to give a PIN and it is optional. If you want to assign a PIN then you can do it at the time of registration. The PIN can be removed easily with a call to the customer service.

Check Target Gift Card Balance Using Phone Number

MyBalanceNow provides customer support service at any time you want.  So, you can check your balance or complaint about issues of your Target Gift Card. We can also write a mail to the address Available on the Website.

Tips To Use Target Gift Card

  • If the Target Card does not work then check the balance from the online website from anywhere.
  • You can make payment in two forms if your credit card does not have enough balance to purchase the item so, you can use two cards for payment.
  • Save your card details such as card number and CVV and expiry date safely.
  • Sign the back of the card after you receive it.

Mybalancenow Customer Service Number

The customer service will solve any troubles of you like checking the balance or using the card. Mybalancenow Customer Care Number is toll-free and it is active anytime. You can also write you enquires to the address given below.

Mybalancenow Customer Care Number: 1-800-698-4952

Mail Address:

Customer Care

PO Box 826

Forston GA 31808

Others Cards From Mybalancenow

There are other cards which are offered by Mybalancenow with different features that come along with it. Here is the list of cards

  • Visa Gift Card and Prepaid Card
  • Master Card Gift card
  • Visa Birthday Gift Card
  • Visa New Baby Gift Card
  • Visa Happy Couple Gift Card

These cards will help you to give your friends and family on different occasions. Check the features on the official website and choose one among them. You can also call the mybalancenow Phone number to know more about the cards.


As discussed the login process to check the balance of the gift cards. We gave you a few tips which will give you an idea about using these Target Gift cards. So people who wish to gift their dear ones with special cards can now use these amazing Target Gift Cards.

These can be done easily and securely with mybalancenow. Other details on how to recharge or pay the card are clearly discussed in the above section. Hope all the content helps the user to use them conveniently without facing any issues. Also, check for other portals on loginpayportal and get complete information.

People Also Ask On Target Gift Card Balance

Can we use the mybalancenow.com card outside the United States?

We can’t use the card internationally.

What is the cost of the card?

There are cards available from $5 to $1000.

Can we get cash with the card?

This you can’t receive any cash with the card. You can use the card to get cash back at the sale point.

Can i transfer my target gift card to my bank account?

Yes you can transfer it.


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