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MyBPCreditCard is one of the best ways to save money in gas and fuel stations. The credit card offers many discounts on every refill of gas in the vehicle. Also, the user gets the reward points by the use of this credit card. For getting the credit card benefits, a user has to first create an account in the portal by completing the registration process. After using this credit card, the cardholder has to pay the credit card bill online. For more information and updates about the MyBPCreditCard Account Login, you have to check the below article.

What is MyBPCreditCard

Under the British Petroleum and the license of Visa US Inc. Synchrony Bank has issued this BP Credit Card for the citizens of the USA. People mainly used this BP Credit Card for filling the fuel tank with gasoline. Also, they can use this card for purchasing groceries, dining, shopping, and even for paying the electricity bill, etc. This credit card provides cash backs and rewards to their users on daily essentials. That means if the user uses the BP Credit Card at the gas station, respectively, he will get the MyBPCreditCard rewards and cashback. A customer can get this BP Credit Card from the gas station and also can redeem their BP Credit Card rewards for refilling at the BP gas station.

MyBPCreditCard Apply Online

People can easily apply for MyBPCreditCard online. In this section, we have given the applying procedure for this BP Credit Card. Follow the below step and get the credit card.

  • Open the MyBPCreditCard portal
  • First, read the terms and conditions carefully
  • Click on “Apply Now”
  • Enter all the required personal details like Name, Residential Address, ZIP Code, Social Security Number, Contact Info, etc.
  • Mention your annual income and source of income.
  • Choose your accou8nt type
  • Submit the application form


MyBPCreditCard Services

The MyBPCreditCard offers lots of services to its cardholders. Thus, the user can get a vast amount of benefits from this BP credit card. Here we have shared those benefits with you.

  1. For every use of the credit card, the user will get the rewards.
  2. The regular customer will get 10 cents by spending every $100.
  3. The gift card will automatical added to the user’s account.
  4. A user can redeem the gift card in any location of the United States.
  5. The MyBPCreditCard has no expiry date.

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How to Pay the MyBPCreditCard Bills Online?

A BP Credit Cardholder can pay their credit card bill through so many ways. Here have given those ways for the users so that they can know the procedure for payment. Follow the given instructions for the Bill of MyBPCreditCard bill payment.

  • Go to the MyBPCreditCard official website
  • Complete the login procedure
  • Click on the “Billings and Payment” section
  • Follow the instructions given by the website
  • You can also pay the bill through internet banking, mailing, and another debit/credit cards or by phone.

Payment via Email:

The user can pay the bill through email also. You have to send the mail to: “BP PLCC & Visa, P.O- 965006, Orlando, FL – 32896- 5006”.

FAQs On My BP CreditCard

When will I receive MyBPCreditCard after applying?

For getting the MyBPCreditCard, the user has to apply for it through online. It will take minimum 6 to 7 working days to receive the card through the mail.

Will we have to pay extra charges to pay the MyBPCreditCard bill?

No. There is no extra charge for the MyBPCreditCard bill payment. But if the user has exceeded his payback period, then they have to pay the penalty.

Where can we use the BP Credit Card?

A credit cardholder can use their MyBPCreditCard everywhere, like in BP gas station, shopping, for electricity bill payment, etc.

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