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The BP (British Petroleum) Visa cards are the best way to save the money in the fuels and gas stations. It gives you a discount on every refill of your gas in the vehicle. You will also get the reward points which you can redeem them for your benefits. Create an account on by the registration process, and you can log in and manage your card.

The MyBPCreditCard mainly used for filling gas and Synchrony Bank issues it. So, you can pay all your bills convenient at any time and place.  This MyBPCreditCard comes with fantastic cash backs and rewards when you use the card in everyday purchases. The card is worth to have if you are a daily traveler. There are types of MyBPCreditCard for the customers that they can choose according to their required benefits. Here we gave the complete information about the MyBPCreditCard registration, Login, process to redeem points, and much more information.  You should go through the article to get details of these.

MyBPCreditCard Login @

Having a BP visa card will give more offers than the other cards. Having a BP visa card will give you a 25% on every gallon purchase on 100$ amount and also you can receive 5 % on every gallon purchased in the gas station. All these are available in the gas stations where the BP visa cards are accepted. The Login and registration of  BP visa Credit Card are effortless and can do online.


You need to register with the BP online portal after purchasing the card to login into the account. If you not logged, then the process is discussed below go through it. The login process is straightforward, but you need some details handy with you to login into the account.

BP Visa Credit Card – Login

Requirements To Login

  • BP Visa Card Number
  • Zipcode
  • Social Security Number
  • Email address and Date of Birth.

Steps To Login MyBPCreditCard 

  • Open your browser and visit the official website
  • You can see the log in a window on the left side of the screen.
  • Enter your username in the first space provided, which is a case sensitive.
MyBPCreditCard – Login
MyBPCreditCard – Login
  • Give your password details in the below field provided.
  • Click on the ‘Secure Login,’ and you will direct to your account. There you can manage everything about your account.
  • To get your user ID and password, you need to register with the BP services, which also done online.

MyBPCreditCard Registration

When you have a BP Visa Credit card, you need to register first to log in and access the details. The steps for the registration process is below

  • Go to the browser and open the official website of the BP Visa Credit Card.
  • The official website is
MyBP Visa CreditCard
MyBP Visa CreditCard
  • Now click on the Register below the login space on the left side of the window.
  • You will find some required fields to given for the registration.
  • Give your Card number from the statement or the Credit Card and zip code of your billing.
  • Click on ‘continue’ button after giving the details.
BP Visa Credit Card-Login
BP Visa Credit Card-Login
  • Here in the next window enter your name, Social Security Number, address, and other details.
  • Now give the User ID and password of your interest and make a note of them and click on ‘Continue.’

So, now you can log in to your account with the details given in the registration.

Recover Forgot User ID Of BP Visa Credit Card 

To recover the user ID of your BP Credit card login details follows the instructions.

Login MyBPCreditCard
Login MyBPCreditCard
  • Click on the Find User ID option in the login page.
  • In the next page, enter your card number and zip code in the field provided for them.
  • The User ID will be displayed on the screen if the given details are correct.
BP Visa Credit Card Login
BP Visa Credit Card Login

BP Visa Credit Card – Reset Password

If you lost your password, it is effortless to reset it using these steps

BP Visa Credit Card
BP Visa Credit Card
  • Click on the ‘Reset Password’ button below the log-in on the official website page.
  • Enter your User ID and Zip code in the space provided and click on continue. People who are looking for other credit cards can now check for the CapitalOne Credit Card here and know the activation process.
  • Select the password you want to give and confirm and then click on the continue button.
My BPCredit Card
My BPCredit Card

Advantages Of MyBPCreditCard

  • Having a BP Credit card will help the customers to gain the quality petroleum products in the budget.
  • The cardholder can save a lot of bucks while gallon purchases at different British petroleum gas stations.
  • The reward points of these BP Cards are only available in the BP gas stations after enrolling the scheme.
  • These cards do not have any annual fees, and for this, there is no chance of any fraud, and we cannot use these cards in the ATM to get instant money.

MyBPCreditCard Mobile App

BPCreditCard provides the online mobile application for more convenient and easy to use. You can easily access your account from your device to make payments from your place. The form is available in the App Store of your operating system and is very safe to install. There will no need to log in every time, and this will save you time.

Types of MyBPCredit Cards

There are other different BP cards available other than the Visa Credit cards.

  • Fleet BP Fuel Cards will give you the chance to receive the discounts depending on the purchase.
  • BP Credit cards will give us the point redemption after making the purchase amount of $100 and above in every British Petroleum Station. These are similar to Visa Cards.
  • BP Gift Card is used to redeem the reward points of the BP cards while purchasing fuel, foods, and others.
  • BP Visa Credit Card: This accepted in the places where regular Visa Card. The customer will get $100 in rewards and daily points. The acceptance of the cards is more than the BP Credit Card.

MyBPCreditCard Rewards

BP Credit Card gives amazing rewards for its customers in terms of cash backs and rewards. We also gave details about redeeming points gained by using these credit cards. We will get more rewards in the first three months of the card user, and this becomes slow as we will assign a high percentage of discounts in the starting months.

  • The rewards will always be in the range of 3.75 to 5 percentages.
  • For every refill of gas at BP gas station will reward 3.75 % of cashback.
  • It will also give 2.25% cashback on other things and 5 percent cashback during the first three months.
  • You will get up to 100$ cash returns by spending 500$ on purchases.
  • After 90 days of first use, you will gain 15 cents off on purchase of per gallon for every dinning, travel and groceries and 5 cents off per gallon on anywhere the Visa cards are accepted.

Redeem Points – MyBPCredit Card

There are only two processes to redeem the BP Credit card points

  • You can directly claim the BP card reward points from any BP gas station. So, you can buy the additional fuel in the nominal budget.
  • We also had a scope to acquire these reward points in the bank account. But for this, you need to have a minimal Credit share value of around 7%. These rewards arrive with the product price that allows you to earn 15% more amount.

My BP Credit Card Application

You need to have a BP Credit card to access the account or have the reward points.

  • It is effortless to apply for a new BP Credit card. Visit the application of BP Credit Card.
  • Give your details and check them to ensure the details are correct and press on submit option.
  • The card will be sent to us in 7-10 days.

BP Credit Card or BP Visa Credit Card

We will provide you with both credit card specifications. It depends on your purpose and usage of cards to select the one from them. So, you can choose which one is better BP Credit Card or BP Visa Credit Card.

BP Credit Card Features:

  • There is no annual fee for the card and comes with the APR tagging ratio of 28.24%
  • Initially, for the first three months from the Sign-Up, you will get 10 cents off per gallon.
  • It can be used only in specific places to get or claim the reward points.

BP Visa Credit Card

  • There is no annual fee, and buying APR tagging ratio is also the same as the BP Credit Cards.
  • The first sign up offer is 25 cents per gallon of gas on every $100 you spend using the card.
  • The gives a cashback of 15 cents per gallon of gas for spending 100 $ at the specific groceries. It is not available with the BP Credit Card.
  • BP Visa Credit Card has no restriction of using, and it is accepted at any place, unlike the BP Credit Cards.

BPCreditCard Review

It will help you to know more information about BPCreditCards that will give you a complete look at these credit cards. You will also get an idea of the difference of these credit cards.

  • There is no annual fee on any BPCreditCars you purchase. These are designed to use the cards to get off on the gas you are buying.
  • These cards also provide you with the advance with repaying fee of 5 percent from the amount.
  • The BPCreditCards can be used anywhere in the world, but that deducts 3% charge if you use the card outside America. Paying the card bills late will assign you a fine of $35 on your account.
  • We can transfer the amount or recharge using the other credit cards easily. This option is available in your online account.
  • The security of the BPCreditCards is very high, and all your information is very private.

Mybpcreditcard – Customer Service

If there are any issues while using your BP credit cards or using the reward points and application, you can call the customer support numbers of the BP credit cards. There are different numbers for all the cards provided by them. All the phone numbers are available on the official website.

The customer service numbers are

Bp Card customer Service number: 1-844-832-0035

BP Visa Card Customer Service number: 1-844-832-0030

For any Technical Support: 1-844-442-7934

Email ID: [email protected]


I hope you got the complete information about the BP Visa Credit card and its uses and advantages. This article will give you the instruction for registration, logging in the account, and methods to redeem your points. To know more about other credit cards, just tuned to our web portal and get all the details in the clear.

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