MyHR KP Employee Portal

MyHR Kaiser Employee Portal Registration, Login And Faqs

Kaiser Permanente has designed the MyHR KP Employee Portal for its employees. The portal is for a health system with having a goal of logical integration for giving the health care system. The portal helps the people in spite of the disorganized lack of policy. The Kaiser Permanente organization present in Oakland, United States. This organization is operating the eight states and districts of Columbia. Through this MyHR Kaiser Employee Portal, the employees can access the organization related information. Through this article, you can get more details about the Employee Portal.

MyHR Kaiser Employee Portal

Kaiser Permanente is one of the largest managed care organizations in the United States. This organization has started this MyHR KP Employee Login portal to check the payrolls, benefits, and salary. This is a Human resource website of this organization. A person can easily access the information and make changes in MyHR Kaiser Employee Portal. Through this portal, an employee can also update their health benefits. The company can access the information through the National user id and password, which was given by the organization. Thus, they can regularly update the medical records of the health management service.

Problem During MyHR KP Employee Portal Login

Sometimes, people face some difficulties during login time. Here we have shared those problems so you can get to know more about this. For detail information, you can check the below section.

  1. The first cause is if the password is incorrect or it’s not working. At that time, make sure your caps lock button turned off. After that, reenter your password.
  2. After doing the previous step, if it doesn’t work, then reset the password. For reset, you have to click on the Forget Your Password option, which is present on the login page.
  3. At the time of the reset password, you have to put the correct national user id. If the identifier is incorrect, you can’t change your password. If you don’t remember the id, then click on Lookup your NUID and proceed with the given instructions.
  4. For any other help, contact with the MyHR KP customer support team.

MyHR Kaiser Employee Portal Registration

To complete the registration process in MyHR KP Portal, you have to follow the steps below.

  • Open the browser in your device
  • Enable JavaScript by going through the setting
  • In the URL box, type
  • In the homepage, click on Register
  • Now the application form will open
  • Fill all the requirements
  • Enter your Employee id and Social security number
  • Click on Submit
  • After that, you will get a confirmation email for verifying the account
  • Now you can able to use this portal

MyHR KP Employee Portal

MyHR KP Employee Portal Login Benefits

The MyHR Kaiser Portal has many benefits, so the employees are using this portal. Here we are sharing these benefits so that you can get to know why all choose this portal.

  1. The MyHR Kaiser Employee Portal is one of the easiest and simple methods to stay updated about the medical records. More than that, a person can interact with the doctor to schedule their appointment.
  2. Through this portal, people can easily stay updated on wellness information about some diseases and their treatments.
  3. Users can enjoy the free health coverage plan with their family and friends.
  4. Also, the portal offers wellness, free coaching classes.
  5. Through this KP Employee Portal, a person can easily find out the right doctor and pharmacy center.

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FAQs For MyHR Kaiser Portal 

How many states do this MyHR KP Employee Portal covers?

The MyHR KP Employee Portal has covered all over the United States. But, only in eight states, physical assistance is present.

Without Employee id can a person register in the MyHR Kaiser Employee Portal?

No. Without employee id, a person can’t complete the registration process. For logging in, it must have required the employee id and security number.

Does the KP Employee Portal calculate the employees’ payroll?

Yes. The Employee Portal can calculate the employees’ payroll at any time.

How many Health Coverage Plans are available in MyHR KP Employee Portal?

In the Kaiser Employee Portal, two types of health coverage plans are available such as Individual Health Coverage Plan and Family Health Coverage Plan.

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