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myTHDHR is the official website for the employees of Home Depot Company for your Schedules and provide all the necessary information. It is both Home Depot Career Management and also an Employee Self-Service. If you are an employee of Home Depot then you should visit the myTHDHR website to login.  In this article, we will give the complete details on myTHDHR Your Schedule Login, benefits. This will help the employees in all needs.

myTHDHR Your Schedule

myTHDHR is the website of American home improvement supplies retailing that sells tools, construction products, and services. The headquarters is located at Atlanta store support center in Cobb County, Georgia started in the year 1978.  The Home Depot has more than 2000 locations across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. It has many employees serving them in all these branches and also one of the top five largest private employers in the US.

myTHDHR Login
myTHDHR Login

The myTHDHR Your Schedule is the online portal for these employees to log in and manage their schedule and new updates. They can also check their payrolls, schedules and many other things. You can check all the options available from the official website. There are different categories of benefits offers by the Home Depot through the mythdhr login website.

ESS myTHDHR Benefits

The mythdhr Home Depot will give you many advantages and benefits and also change your associate information. The Employee Self Service will give the required benefits, taxes and many others. Here is the list of benefits by the myTHDHR Login website.

  • You can change your tax withholding easily from your login page.
  • We can Activate or change the direct deposit information and preference.
  • With mythdhr, we can activate the payroll card easily and view or print the tax and pay statements.
  • We can change our personal information like mail address, phone number when changed.
  • The Home Fund deduction can be changed easily or enroll for the first time.
  • We can check the Leave of Absence info or print them.

Mythdhr Services Offer

The myTHDHR website of Home Deposit offer many services which are very useful like

  • Payrolls
  • Employee Self-service
  • Leave of Absence
  • Life events
  • CareerDepot
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • myOrangeLadder

All these are available in the separated tabs in the home page. You can click on the required service and get the information required.


This is a special service given by the Home Depot to their employees that will help them to grow in their career. It will provide them with opportunities and training to progress into a meaningful career. The steps included in this career development website are


You should first have an idea about your next job at the Home Depot and this will help you to get the complete information.


You can show all the skills that you have at this stage and get the advice on networking and looking good on paper.


This is all your chance and stage to shine and as of now you are prepared you can attend the interview.

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myTHDHR Your Schedule Login

If you want to know about your work schedules easily you need to check them from the online home depot account. Sign in to your account and check them. Follow the instruction given below

  • Open your web browser and search for mythdhr Login or click here.
  • The home page of the website will be displayed on the screen. Now, click on your schedule tab on the left side of the page as the first option.

myTHDHR Schedule

  • It will redirect you to the new window to sign in. Enter the store location in the space given.
  • Type the User ID and Password details in the fields provided for them on the web page.
  • Click on “Sign In” option below and you can see your login page and check mythdhr your Schedule.

myTHDHR Login Process

The login process to the website of Home Depot is very simple and user-friendly. You need to sign-in first to visit the profile or get the benefits offered by them. The guide for your ESS login profile is given below.

  • Open the home page of login in your favorite browser.
  • Select the Employee Self Service option from the page.

myTHDHR Your Schedule

  • Click on current Associates Login option below the page.
  • Now you need to validate your self-service in the next window of the display.
  • Enter your store or other location in the first options given.
  • If you are from the store then your User ID will be AIS ID and LAN ID from other location.

myTHDHR Benefits

  • Type your User ID and Password in the fields given and check the details again.
  • Tap on the “Login” option below and this will take you to the profile page.
  • Here you get all the benefits and offers given by the website.

Former Associate or LOA Login

The Login process for the Former Associates or the LOA Associates has a different process to access their account page. Here we will discuss the steps for this

  • Open the Home Depot home page and got to Employee Self Service page.
  • Click on Former associates or Associates of LOA Option below.
  • Give the Last Name and the Date Of Birth details in the spaces given in the next window.
  • Enter your six-digit Social Security Number in the space given.

myTHDHR Your Schedule Login

  • Now give the security code the same in the field as given in the image.
  • Tap on “Continue to Security Validation” option below and complete all the steps as per instruction on the display.
  • You can see the details and get the offers available for your profile.

Password Lost problems

There is no link or process to reset or retrieve your password details from the official website. But you can reset or gain your password with customer support service given by the Home Depot. You can call the number given in the next section and request a new password.

Contact myTHDHR Schedule

There are different numbers based on the categories of the things you have on the website

Benefit choice center: 1-800-555-4954

Availability:  Mon-Fri (9 AM-7 PM)

Benefit information:

Live chat: Mon-Fri (9AM-11 PM)

Mythdhr service: 1-866-698-4347

Availability: Mon-Fri(8 AM-8 PM)

For more information like this check LoginPayPortal.


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