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myTHDHR: Home Depot Company has developed this website to its employees. Through this portal, an employee can check the work schedule and get other necessary information about the company. Hence this website is both for the Home Depot Management and for employees self-services. For more details about this myTHDHR website, you have to go through this article.

myTHDHR Portal

Home Depot is an American famous home improvement company, which sells tools, construction products and theses services. Headquarter of this company is present at Atlanta in Cobb Country, which started in 1978. Now the store has so many outlets in more than 2000 locations. So, it has many employees in all over there branches. To manage the employees and for their benefits, it started this myTHDHR employee portal. Through this portal, an employee can quickly check their work schedule, news about the company, payrolls, and many more.

Features of myTHDHR

Most of the people want to know about the myTHDHR features before proceeding for the login process. So here we are sharing an essential element.

  1. Through the portal, the user can check their daily updated schedule. So it doesn’t need to go to the Home depot office for monitoring the regular schedule.
  2. The employees will get lots of benefits from the Home Depot, which they can claim on myTHDHR portal.
  3. User can set their payrolls through a portal, which is very easy to use.
  4. The register employee in this portal will get the notification about the Home Depot life events.
  5. Also, the user can check the Home Depot Employee Self services.
myTHDHR Login
myTHDHR Login

How to check work schedule On myTHDHR portal?

An employee of the Home Depot Company can check their work schedule online without going to the organisation. Each worker has a unique user id and password. Through they can check their daily work schedule online. The work schedule follows the below instructions.

  • Open official website on your browser
  • Click on “Your Schedule”
  • Choose the Location
  • Enter the User ID and Password
  • Click on Sign in
  • Now you can see your daily work schedule in your screen

Home Depot Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Employee Self-Service helps to view and update all the information about the Home Depot. Monthly, an employee can review their address and other personal information to make sure the organisation can communicate with you properly. Thus, it can share the notification regarding your benefits, taxes and other things. Through this ESS service, an employee can do many more things. Some of those have given below. Also, search here for the MyHR KP Employee Portal details.

  1. User can change their tax withholding
  2. They can activate or change the direct deposit information
  3. An employee can check and print both tax and pay statements
  4. Can active the payroll card
  5. Also can change the mailing address

myTHDHR Your Schedule

How to connect with myTHDHR?

A Home Depot employee can connect with the myTHDHR in two ways. Those two methods have given in the below section.

  • MyApron THD

An employee can use this MyApron THD for making the connection with myTHDHR. This MyApron THD is only connecting with the Home Depot network, which means an employee can use this to communicate.

  • Home Depot ESS

As we know, it is an employee self portal. An employee can easily access this portal from anywhere. So, for making the connection with the myTHDHR, the employee uses this ESS method.

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FAQs about myTHDHR

How do the myTHDHR portal help the Home Depot employees?

Through my THDHR portal, an employee can check their daily work schedule; company’s updated news, payrolls, and many more things.

How can an employee access the myTHDHR portal?

All the Home Deport employees have their unique user id and password. Through this id and password, they can access the portal.

Can we check out payslip through the myTHDHR?

Yes. A Home Depot employee can check their payslip with past and present statements through this portal.


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