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MyUPMC Login is a free online health patient portal that gives you a new way to connect with your health care with a single login system. With this, you can access your health information online anytime in an easier way. It is a common gateway to patient remote virtual health care needs. You will get fast, online medical treatment where ever you are and there are many other benefits. We will go through the things we can do and benefits and login process of MyUPMC Health plan. The UPMC AnywhereCare visit has a team of certified Nurses, physician, and doctors.

MyUPMC Health Portal

This is the health care online portal that can serve all your needs in one place. The MyUPMC Login is the digital way for better online experience of health care. The registration and login process is very easy along with the additional benefits. You can track your conditions and it is very convenient with high-quality care. This is free application and connection is secured and information is private. We can update the personal information in the account when we want to change and have round the clock online medical visit.

MyUPMC Login
MyUPMC Login

The MyUPMC give assistance to the non-emergency symptoms. They will get the quality care needed through online quickly, anytime and anywhere. The cost of the UPMC visit is also very less and you can start your Virtual Visit on the website. We will see the UPMC Health Plan services, benefits of the online portal. So, here are the instructions to create an account, login detail.

Benefits Of MyUPMC Health Plan

  • Patients can use the video to connect the UPMC Provider face to face and receive the personal diagnose and treatment plan.
  • We can schedule, request, cancel and confirm the appointment for UPMC doctor visit in the online account.
  • They treat the symptoms which are a non-emergency with high access quality care and will also send the prescription directly to your pharmacy.
  • View the medical records, history and test results easily from the account and also print UPMC hospital discharge instructions.
  • You can pay the medical bills online and use proxy access to manage your family health condition.
  • They treat the conditions like rash, cough, cold, sinus infection and all seasonal allergies that can be diagnosed through online.

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Instructions For MyUPMC Login and Sign Up

We can easily create an account to become a member of the MyUPMC medical record. If once you are in the record list then you can take diagnose for your allergies from anywhere and anytime. The Sign-Up and Login process is very easy and the complete process will be discussed here.

Steps to MyUPMC Sign In

For the first time users, you need to Sign In to the account to access the service of MyUPMC. The process is pretty simple and will complete in a few seconds. You need to give your personal information in order to register the account.

  • Open your web browser and visit the online website of MyUPMC online.
  • Tap on “Create Account” on the web page on the top right corner.

MyUPMC Sign In

  • You will see the terms and conditions on the display screen click on “Accept and Continue” option below.
  • The registration form will be displayed on the window where you need to fill the details.
  • Give your First and last name in the text boxes given on the screen.

UPMC Health Plan

  • Enter your Date of Birth in (MM/DD/YYYY) format in the field provided.
  • Give your Last 4 Digits of Social Security Number (SSN) in the box and Email address for further communication.
  • You can give the mobile number which is optional and the middle name.
  • Click on continue form and follow the instruction in the display to complete the process.

Instruction for MyUPMC Login Page

The process to login is easy when you complete the creating an account for MyUPMC. Follow the guide below to Log into your account without any issues easily.

  • Check your internet connection and make sure you have your Username and password details with you.
  • Visit the page and click on “Log In” button on the web page.

MyUPMC Login Page

  • Enter the Username you gave in the registration process of MyUPMC Login.
  • Type your Password in the field given on the web page.

MyUPMC Health Plan

  • Tap on the login button below and you can access your account easily.
  • Now, you will be able to see your records, make appointments and even consult the UPMC Doctor face-to-face visit easily.

Recover MyUPMC Login Credentials

We can regain the forgotten username and password easily using the link provided in the Login page of MyUPMC. The process is very much easy and follows the steps given here.

Sign In MyUPMC

Forgot Username:

  • Open the login page of MyUPMC in the web browser.
  • Click on “Forgot Username” in the page that will redirect to the new window.
  • Enter your First name and Last name in the field given respectively.

Login MyUPMC

  • Type your Date of Birth and last 4 digits of SSN in the spaces given.
  • Tap on Continue” button given below and that will send your username to the email address in their database.

Forgot Password:

  • Go back to the login page in your favorite browser.
  • Tap on the “Forgot Password” option as shown in the figure.
  • Enter your username in the next window along with your Date of Birth with the same format.


  • Give your last 4 digits of SSN and tap on “Complete Form to Continue” this will send a Password Reset link to your email address.
  • Using the instructions change the password and Sign In MyUPMC account.

These are a very easy process and will take only a few seconds to complete. So, there is no need to worry if you have lost or forgot your username and password credentials.

MyUPMC App For Mobile Users

The UPMC service is now more convenient and secure with mobile applications. The new MyUPMC Mobile App will help you to access your health information easily. These applications are easy to download and install in your Android and iOS devices. MyUPMC Apps are secure and safe to download them on your Mobile phone or tablet.

MyUPMC Customer Service

For any sort of issue in the Login or registration process, you can contact the customer support service.

Customer Support: 1-866-884-8579

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