myWakeHealth – Baptist Health Online Portal

myWakeHealth is an online gateway which helps the taxpayers to manage their health services. With one time login in, you can manage all your hospital and emergency services. Baptist patients can stay connected to their personal health information securely and privately. When you enroll in mywakehealth, you can access all your clinical records and make payment of your bills easily. With the help of this, you can pay your medical bills quickly through the online process. Along with this, you will have complete information about the patient. Read the full article to know more about the myWakeHealth Login, new user registration, and many other details.

myWakeHealth – Baptist Health Online Portal
myWakeHealth – Baptist Health Online Portal

myWakeHealth Online Portal @

The Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center organizes this web portal. It is the most preferred health care online portal. You can also search the near hospitals and doctors for the particular health condition. You can access the mywakehealth from anywhere in your mobile or PC. We can get the medical records and refill medicines. The main objective of myWakeHealth is to provide health service for free of cost in the USA. It will improve the people health conditions to a better level. myWakeHealth login also brings many advantages along with online payment, medical records.

Benefits of myWakeHealth Account

Make Payments: You can make all your bills using the account in myWakehealth. You can pay the bills from credit/Debit cards.

Doctor Service: We can ask for a medical question from our place and can request for an e-visit from our comfort place.

Test Results: There is no need to visit the hospital to collect the reports. We can access our test results within days.

Prescription Renewal: You can get all your previous prescription history. Also, request for renewal for your medication.

Manage Appointments: We can schedule our appointments and view the details of all your previous and upcoming meetings.

Visit Summary: You can have the review of your visit summary with the doctors in the mywakehealth online portal.

Schedule Appointment: You can make a doctor appointment easily from your account using your login details. The user can manage them within Wake Forest Baptist Medical center.

Send Message: One can receive and send a message from the doctor when you have requested anything regarding health issues.

Remainders: We can set the remainders for payment, test results, prescriptions, and many more from the login page.

Test Results: The patient will receive the test results in the online site, and that will make you free from standing in the lines.

Doctor summaries: We can check the doctor notes after the visit to the clinic if you have forgotten any details.

Baptist Health Online Portal login

The login process for the mywakehealth is straightforward. If you are a new user, then you need to have the Activation Code to sign up to the mywakehealth. The activation code can see on your After Visit Summary. Now follow the steps below to sign up.

  • Open the online portal mywakehealth website and click on the signup button.
myWakeHealth Login
myWakeHealth Login
  • Give your Activation Code in the space provided, which is 15 character length. This Code is not a case sensitive.
  • Enter the last four digit of your Social Security Number and date of birth.
myWakeHealth Bill Pay
myWakeHealth Bill Pay
  • Create the username and password and follow the instruction on the screen.
  • Your account is ready to log in and claims the services offered by the myWakeHealth.

myWakeHealth Login – No Activation Code Required

If you don’t have an Activation Code, then you can create the account by Online or Mail procedures. We will discuss both processes here. Just follow the steps.

myWakeHealth Using Online

  • Click on the my sign up on the home page and tap on the “Online Now” button on the left side of the screen.
  • Now give your First and Last name in the fields provided.
  • Give your Address information required in the space provided.
  • Type your date of birth and gender details in the respective places.
  • Give the last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number) in the fields.
  • Click on the next button by providing the captcha and check the box.
myWakeHealth Activation Code
myWakeHealth Activation Code

Registration By Mail

  • Click on the Mail button in the sign-up screen of the website.
  • Fill the form which appears in the next window.
  • Type your name and medical record number.
  • Give your SSN, Date of birth, and address details in the fields.
  • Submit your email address and mobile number and click on Submit.
  • They will mail the code to your address after the verification of the mentioned details.
  • This process may take about 5-7 business days.

It is the process to sign up without an activation number. For any inquiries, you can call the patient support phone number, which is toll-free.

MyUPMC Portal

Reset The Password User Name On myWakeHealth

The recovering of your login username and reset password is very easy in the mywakehealth website. We will give you clear instructions for this

Reset Username

  • Click on the “Forgot Username.”
  • Give your personal information like First name and Last name in the fields.
myWakeHealth Pay Bill
myWakeHealth Pay Bill
  • Type the SSN and date of birth in the respective places.
  • Click on submit, and you will get your username details.

Recover Or Reset Password

  • Click on forgot password below the login to the mywakehealth site.
  • Enter the details like username and SSN.
myWakeHealth Pay Bill
myWakeHealth Pay Bill
  • Give your D/O/B and click on “Submit.” You can reset your password with the instructions.

You can also call the support line for requesting a new and secured username.

myWakeHealth Bills Payment

We can pay bills in myWakeHealth quickly, and that takes only a few simple steps. It gives very safe and transparent services in paying the bills. myWakeHealth accepts the bill in three different ways which are provided here below.

Pay Online:

We can make the bill payment in the online process by access the account form the myWakeHealth bill pay website.  In this article, we gave the Login and Sign In the process, check them and follow the instructions.

Now login to your account and you can get the bill payment option on the dashboard. Select the option and give the required details and complete the bill payment by following the screen instructions.

Pay By Mail:

You can pay the bills by sending the amount to the Mail Address which given below

Wake Forest Baptist Health

PO Box 751727

Charlotte, NC 28275-1727

Pay Bill By Phone:

We can also complete the payment process by calling the free customer service numbers, which are an easy process. People who are not flexible with the online process can adopt this method.

Customer Number

336-716-3988, 877-938-7497


Days: Mon-Fri

Timings: 8:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M

myWakeHealth Contact Numbers

If you have any issues with the payment or login of the website, you can contact the help desk. The representatives will give you instructions, and the phone numbers are

Patient Portal:

Phone number: 855-560-5111

Email ID: [email protected]



myWakeHealth Baptist Health Online Portal is beneficial and makes all your medical things easy. We discussed the advantages and need of the account in myWakeHealth pay bill. We gave you clear instruction on how to log in and register a new member.

People Also Ask On my Wake Health Pay Bill

Is myWakeHealth free to use?

Yes, it is free and there is no fee to use myWakeHealth bill pay portal.

I lost my activation code for my wake health? Is there any possibility to get it back?

Yes, one can call to customer care number and again sign up with login portal.

Can i check all my health records on the online portal?

Yes, you can check them soon after the results are out on the board.

Can we use myWakeHealth on my mobile?

Yes, you can use it on your smartphone devices to check bills, pay amount and also to book appointments with the doctor.


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