How To Check Employee Schedule On mywegmansconnect Login Portal

MyWegmansConnect Portal has developed by the famous supermarket Wegmans for its employees. Through this portal, the employees can update themselves regularly. Except for the MyWegmansConnect employees, another person can’t use this portal. This portal is giving lots of benefits to the store and as well as their employees. In this article, here we have discussed this portal login benefits, employee benefits, and other vital details.


One of the biggest and famous supermarkets in the United States. Now this store has more than 90 stores and 50,000 employees. To manage their employees and organization properly, Wegmans designed this Employee portal.

Only the employees can access this portal for their benefits. This portal has all the information about the store and the employees. Thus, an employee can quickly get updates about the company. An employee has to register in this portal for accessing. Therefore it helps the company to connect with all employees directly online.

Why the employees use MyWegmansConnect Account?

Wegmans store has developed this portal to manage the organization and its employees. Through this portal, an employee can connect with the management authority directly and get any information regarding the store. Some of the portal benefits have given in the section below.

  1. Through this MyWegmansConnect online website, an employee can directly contact to the store authority and get all the updates information regarding their job.
  2. Also, a user can quickly look up their work schedule and apply for the leave through this portal.
  3. My Wegmans employees can see all the details regarding their wages through this portal. And also can access their paystub.
  4. Not only the full-time employees but also all part-time employees can check their work schedule and paystub through this web portal.
  5. The Wegmans employees can also access the health, financial, and other benefits through this MyWegmansConnect Employee portal.
  6. Through this portal, an employee can also contact the other MyWegmans employee and share their viewpoints and updates news.

Wegmans Employees Portal

How to check My Wegmans Schedule Online?

The register employee of the MyWegmans store can check their work schedule and shift timing, etc. through the My WegmansConnect Associate portal. Both part-time and full-time employees can check their schedules through this portal. To check your work schedule, follow the steps below.

  • Open the MyWegmansConnect Portal
  • Log in through the User id and password
  • Go to the Menu option
  • Click on “Schedule and Availability”
  • Enter your Employee ID
  • The work schedule will display on your screen

How Do I Check My Wegmans Payslips?

The MyWegmansConnect portal is the best option for the MyWegmans employees to check their payslips. Through the portal, an employee can check the past and present both payslips and also take the print of it for their future reference. In the below section, we have given some instructions to check the payslips through this portal.

  • Open the MyWegmans website
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Go to the Menu bar
  • Search for any Payment related option
  • Click on it
  • Now you will be able to check your payslips

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FAQs about MyWegmansConnect

Who can access the Wegmans portal?

Only the MyWegmans employee, who has completed their registration, can access the MyWegmansConnect employee portal.

Can part-time employees access this Wegmans Associate portal?

Yes. The part-time employee of the MyWegmans store can access this portal. But he must have their employee id and password.

How can a MyWegmans employee check their work schedule?

By putting the user id and password in the employee portal, an employee can quickly check their work schedule.

Can an employee apply for the leave through this My Wegmans Connect?

Yes. An employee can apply for vacation leaves through this portal.


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