PayMDXTolls Login
PayMDXTolls Login

Pay MDX Tolls Bill Online @ & View MDX Toll Rates

PayMDXTolls is an official website developed by the state government of Florida and Miami-Dade Expressway Authority. The portal designed to pay to those who will travel through the MDX zone. If any vehicle crossed the region without system reorganisation, then the owner of the vehicle will receive a notice from the MDC authority. People will get a chance to review the details, notice, download the transactions and make payment for it. For payment, they can use the PayMDXTolls login portal for secure payment. If you want to know more about this PayMDXTolls MDX, you can check the below article.

Pay MDX Tolls Bill  @ 

A free online service through Miami, where the government collects the toll fees. In 1994 by the Florida state government, MDX Tolls started. Now the Florida Department of Transportation is operating this PayMDXTolls program. The system doesn’t accept the cash or any online payment options. The toll fee directly transferred to the maintenance authority of the road. The PayMDXTolls authority has a digital imaging system through which they can snap the picture of the license of the vehicle that crossed. If they don’t pay the toll gate fee, then the vehicle’s permanent owner will get an invoice letter from the authority on their registered address.

What is MDX, and why it created?

MDX used to retrieve information stored in OLAP cube, which has created by various technologies like Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, Oracle, and Tera data Etc. Thus, this MDX is a language. MDX query builds a multidimensional view of their stored data and also can process more dimensions in Query. It also used to write expressions of custom calculation in power pivot and create a member in OLAP cube.


How are MDX projects funded?

MDX has primarily funded to collect the toll revenue from the vehicles. It doesn’t receive any fund or half-penny sales taxes from the gas, property. The MDX is a user-funded system and also a revenue collector. It collects the revenue for improvements of system-wide in the form of expressway extensions, roadway maintenance, new lanes, and ramps, offering greater mobility. It also creates a connection with the area of South Florida.

What are the options to pay MDX tolls?

A person can pay the MDX toll-free in two ways. In this below section, we have given those two ways briefly. You can check the below information to know more about MDX toll-free payment procedure.

  1. Sunpass – Through the Sunpass, a person can pay the MDX tool fee quickly. If you don’t have this Sunpass, then you can purchase it from Publix, AAA office, Navarro Discount Pharmacy, Sedano’s Supermarket. The cost of the Sunpass is $4.99.
  2. Toll-By plate – This is the process where a person can pay the MDX toll fee without Sunpass. Through this process, the person can’t get any Sunpass discount.

Where can I view the MDX Toll rates?

A person can quickly check the MDX Toll rates, vehicle’s classification, locations, and many more things through the MDX official website. To check all this information, follow the below instructions.

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  • Visit the PayMDXTolls MDX Portal
  • Click on “MDX Toll Rate”
  • Now the information will show in your screen in a PDF format
  • Check all the necessary information about the toll rates
PayMDXTolls Login
PayMDXTolls Login

People Also Ask – PayMDXTolls 

What does the SunPass toll cost?

The cost of the Sunpass portable Transponder is $19.99. But the Sunpass mini transponder cost is $4.99 with an additional tax.

Is Sunpass the same as MDX?

MDX accepts the toll fee through the Sunpass. Through this Sunpass, the road authority can take an image of the crossed vehicle’s license plate.

How can I pay the Sunpass?

 A person can pay the Sunpass online by add funds or can contact the customer service to pay the amount.

How can I active my Sunpass?

For the Sunpass activation, a person has to contact the customer service centre at 1-888-865-5352.

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