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PayMDXTolls – An official website developed by the state government of Florida and Miami-Dade Expressway Authority (MDX). This is a Toll-by-plate system to pay the amount for those who traveled through the MDX zone. If the vehicles passed without system reorganization then the transponder will receive an MDC Toll By plate notice from authorities. The customer will also get a chance to review details, notices, download transactions and make payments. Paymdxtolls login process and making payment is also very simple and easy. Here we have given all the information below for your easy usage.



This agency is a free service that provides online toll collection in the state of Miami. PAyMDXTolls was started in 1994 by the Florida state and serving five expressway which is operated by the Florida Department of Transportation. All of these do not accept cash and are converted into electronic toll roads. The money is directly transferred to the authorities who use it for the maintenance of roads.

They use an art digital imaging system that snaps a picture of the vehicle’s license plate that passes. If they do not pay the toll gate then the registered owner will receive an invoice letter about tolls to the address. The different options through which you can pay the bills are given here below.

Benefits Of Using PayMDXTolls

The online service has different benefits. These are used by the travelers of the express highways and make the payment of taxes very easy on their vehicles. Here is the list of advantages of having an account in PayMDX Tolls.

Pay Tolls: We can pay the tolls on our vehicles with simple steps of login and payment.

Service Hours: You can know the service center hours and customer service numbers and Lock Box Address.

PayMDXTolls Payment Online
PayMDX Tolls Payment Online

Dispute Notice: Download the Dispute Notice from PayMDXTolls and email or Fax them.

Fleet Management: You can save time and money for your fleet you also have a Fleet admin option.

Registration And Hold Information: You can know the reason for the hold or failure of your mdx registration and deal effectively with them.

About MDX: Miami-Dade Expressway Authority is an independent agency that was started in 1994 by state Florida and Miami-Dad commission. This operated five Expressways which are formerly opened by Florida Department of Transportation. They are

  • Gratigny Parkway – SR 924
  • Don Shula Expressway-SR 874
  • Airport Expressway-SR 112
  • Snapper Creek Expressway-SR 878
  • Dolphin Expressway-SR 836

All these have the electronic toll roads that require a toll-by-plate program which does not accept cash. For all these Expressways when you travel through them you need to pay the toll charges.

How To Pay Mdx Tolls

We can pay the tolls in many ways using the website through the online process. The people who are not convenient with the internet can easily make the payment using the phone number. These two methods are given here below in details steps. Check Below Given methods for Paying Mdx Tolls.

PayMDXTolls Online Payment
PayMDX Tolls Online Payment

PayMDXTolls MDX Toll Payment Online

If you have to Log-in the account then you can easily pay the tolls on time from anywhere. Paying the tolls is very important as it is considered against the law if neglected. This will lead to the additional fee and also registration kept hold or canceled until you complete the payments.

To pay your Tolls online. Login into the official website and give the information.

  • Turn up to the official website of PayMDXTolls.com.
  • You can see the Login option on the page.
  • Click on the mdx pay tolls Login button to enter details.
PayMDXTolls Login
PayMDXTolls Login
  • We can see a window of the PayMDXTolls login page.
  • Give the Account License Plate in the field.
  • You can give any of Account Number, Driver’s License Number or Notice Number.
  • The notice contains the Account Number of 12 digit number and Notice number below the Account Number.
  • Enter any one from these three options.
  • Click on login to direct to your account and get the services provided.

MDX Toll Payment By Phone Number

You can also pay the amount using the phone number if you don’t want to log in or have an issue with the login process. The phone number for the payment seen on your Notice or on the official website of PayMDXTolls.com login.

 PayMDXTolls Dispute Notice

If you want to dispute the notice sent then you need to have an affidavit to send. Use the steps to dispute your notice.

  • Click on the Dispute Notice from the menu on the Pay MDX Tolls online official website.
  • In the Dispute notice page tap on the download option for the application form.
PayMDXTolls Payment
PayMDXTolls Payment
  • Fill out the form with the essential details and attach the documents.
  • Send the signed form and duly completed to the MDX.
  • Send this by US mail, by Fax or Email. All the addresses will be in the Dispute notice page.

Dispute Notice Address

By US Mail:

  • Miami-Dade Expressway Authority
  • PO Box 22826
  • Hialeah FL 33002-2826

Fax: 1-800-733-7721

Paymdxtolls Contact Number

You can call the customer service for any details or having troubles in paying. Here are the numbers and also availability timings below. Also, the contact number is toll-free so it does not charge.

Paymdxtolls  Contact Number: 855-277-0848

Availability: Monday to Friday

Timings: 7:00 Am to 7:00 PM

The customer service will be closed during the major holidays like Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and Independence Day.



Expressway Authority,

Po Box 865009

Orlando, Fl 32886-5009


This is the process to log in and pays your toll using the PayMDXTolls. Pay them in the due date as ignoring the tolls is illegal. If any problem arises while login or payment, call the customer service. Check Our Loginportal For Information.

People Also Ask On PayMDXTolls

Where can we see the toll rates?

They are available on the website.

What are the options for paying tolls on MDX roads?

You can pay using SunPass or Toll-By-plate.

What are the timings of PayMDXTolls customer service?

The timing is Monday to Friday 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. The public holiday list is on the website. paymdxtolls Customer Service Number is 855-277-0848.


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