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PerYourHealth Login portal is one of the popular websites through which people can pay their medical bill.  Among all medical payment portals, this website is providing the best services to its customers. A user can pay the medical bill online from any location. This Per Your Health portal is a flexible way of paying the medical bill without taking much time. Money transaction through this portal is safe and secure for a user. For making all the advantages from this portal, you need to login on this website. In this article, we have given all the essential information regarding PerYourHealth Sign In portal.


The PerYourHealth website is a way to pay the medical bill online safely. To access this portal, a user has to complete the registration process first. It is associated with many hospitals and clinics in the United States. So, registered people can get this facility almost everywhere. Thus, they can quickly pay their medical bills online. But without creating an account in this Per Your Health portal, people can’t use this website. The portal is offering many different ways to pay the medical bills, which we will discuss in the below section.

Features of PerYourHealth Online Portal

PerYourHealth portal used by most of the people because it has the best features from other online portals. So here, we discuss the highlights here.

  1. A user can pay their medical bills from anywhere in the world.
  2. The online service is active 24/7 for the people.
  3. Through this, a user can check their due balance.
  4. You can also get the notification after each payment.
  5. PerYourHealth Online portal is working fast, and it is 100% secure.


PerYourHealth Account Access Issue

To access the portal to pay the medical bill, the user must have an account on this website. Sometimes due to some reason, the user is unable to access their account correctly. So, in this section, we have given the solution to solve this problem. You have to follow all the instructions which are given below to recover your PerYourHealth account.

  1. Open the PerYourHealth Official Login portal
  2. Below the page, Forget User Id option is there
  3. Click on this option; it will redirect to a new page
  4. Enter your account number
  5. Click on Continue button
  6. If the user has already registered, then you will get an email on your registered address
  7. Open the mail, and you will get your User ID
  8. Through this User Id, a user can recover their portal

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How to use PerYourHealth Portal?

For paying the online medical bills, there are so many online portals available on the server. One of the most used portals is “PerYourHealth Login Portal.” This platform has developed to pay the medical bills online without wasting time. Not only for paying the medical bills, but also, it helps to check the statement and request fund transfer. Apart from these, the Per Your Health portal has many other features for their customers. A user can also schedule the bills as per their convenience. So, to have all the advantages and benefits from this online portal, the customer has to sign up on this website. Thus, they can be able to access the account for the medical bill payment process.

FAQs On Per Your Health Medical Billing

How can I pay the bill through PerYourHealth?

The PerYourHealth portal has developed, especially to pay the medical bills. A user can pay the medical bill through PerYourHealth in two ways one is online, and another is through customer service number.

What is the Per Your Health customer care number?

For solving any issue regarding the portal, you can contact the customer support teams by calling in this number – 855-853-7242.

Is it safe and secure to use PerYourHealth?

Yes. The portal has developed and designed with high-security code. So, user can use this portal safely and securely. Also, the money transaction on this portal is 100% safe.

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