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There are many online portals to pay your medical bills. Among all these PerYourHealth will give you the best service to make the payments. An account in this website makes you pay Doctor bills online at one place. It is a flexible way and does not take much of your time in paying the medical bills. PerYourHealth website is beneficial that it will not cause any technical issues, and payment will do smoothly. The online site is linked up with many hospitals so they will accept the payment through the website easily. You need to login to the website and give your details and complete the payment process. Here in this article, we will provide the Login details, Registration, and process to recover User ID and password.

PerYourHealth @

In this, we can make the payment providing information regarding the billing. The registration and the login of the is a simple process. It has associations with many of the hospitals. So, you can find this facility almost everywhere to pay your medical bills online. The only thing which is necessary to pay your bills using is to have an account in that.

It is the best among all online medical bills payment method available. It will provide you with different ways to pay bills which discussed in this article. The Registration or Login requires the account number, which is on the medical statement for PerYourHealth. All the are taken care of by Change Healthcare. PerYourHealth increases patient access and ensure the appropriate care and manage bills. The complete information about them discussed in this article that will help you in all services given by the website.



PerYourHealth Registration

The Log-in process of the PerYourHealth uses the registered ID given in the patient billing statement. Also, keep a valid email address and the mobile number so you can register if it is your first time.

Requirements For Registration

The lists of things you require to register in PerYourHealth website are

  • A device with a good internet connection
  • Medial bill statement
  • User ID for registered member
  • Valid Email address and phone number

Steps for PerYourHealth Registration

  • Go through the step by step procedure to pay the bills online.
  • Choose a good connection in your device and visit the website.
  • The official site is
  • Type the account number in the space, as shown in the below figure.
PerYourHealth Login
PerYourHealth Login
  • The account number is available on the billing statement. Click on the continue button.
  • If you are a new user, then you need to give the personal details like Name and set the password for your account.

The users with the account can directly give the password of their account and log-in.

Pay Your Bill at

If you are a registered member of the PerYourHealth then you can directly login with your registered ID. Also, you can make the payments and check the details and money to pay.

  • Go to the official website and type your registered user ID in the space.
  • Tap on the “Continue” option provided below.
  • Now in the next page, enter your password to log in the account.
  • You can now make all the payments from this.

Recover Forgot Registered User ID Of PerYourHealth

The website also provided the option to recover the user ID registered quickly from the official online pay portal.

PerYourHealth Account Number
PerYourHealth Account Number
  • Give your account number of the billing statement and click on the ‘Continue.’
  • An email sent to your registered address with the user ID in it.
  • You can use this and log in and use the service of the PerYourHealth.
PerYourHealth Log-in
PerYourHealth Log-in

Things Offered By PerYourHealth

The additional information and the benefits of using online payment services are

  • We can pay all kinds of medical bills using a single account in the PerYourHealth.
  • The portal is available for the whole week and all hours.
  • We can also check the due balance on the particular bill statement of the person.
  • You will get the notification of the payment immediately after the billing process is complete.
  • The online portal is completely free, secure, and very fast.
  • We will get a notification about billing and also history statements.
  • It is completely secured, and all your information has privacy.

PerYourHealth Online Bill Payment

 The payment making in this portal made only if you had an account number of the patient provided by the hospital.

  • Login into the official website using account number or the user ID details.
  • The account number on the billing statement will provide you all the details of the patient and the amount to pay.
  • Give the valid email address so that the portal sends the email about the payment statement.
  • Select the payment options given in the portal and confirm the details.
  • Click on the proceed payment, and if you are done, they will also send a notification.

Pay Bill Using Phone Number – PerYourHealth

If you don’t want to login to the online website, then you can make the payment using the phone number.

  • Call to 888-442-8447 for the phone bill payment service.
  • Give the account number on the statement of your medical bill using the keypad.
  • Choose the payment mode from the option given by them and follow the instructions.
  • Give the details to make the payment, and you will receive the SMS alert to the Phone number after the payment is made.
  • It is quick to process to make the payments if you don’t have internet services.

PerYourHealth Customer Service

For PerYourHealth customer service number, you can call to 888-442-8447.

Also, they used to pay mobile payments. If any issues in the log-in or User ID you can call the customer service number of your statement.



7234 S. Lewis Ave,

Tulsa, OK 74136

Frequently Asked Question On PerYourHealth

FAQ 1:

What are the methods to make payment in PerYourHealth?

Ans – We can pay using the phone number or the online process.

FAQ 2:

What are the forms of payments used in PerYourHealth?

Ans – It accepts the Debit/ credit cards for making the payments.

FAQ 3: can we recover the user ID of the account?

Ans – Yes, We can recover it using the option on the official website.


PerYourHealth is used to pay the medical bills in a straightforward process without waiting in lines for a long time. We discussed the Login detail and making payment methods. For more information like this check Loginpayportal

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