Pay Patient Bills Online @ using Quickpayportal Code

Quickpayportal is the online portal to pay off your medical bills comfortably sitting at your place. We can manage all the account and medical history of a person easily using the portal. Paying the bills is always a tough task as it involves different sections of hospitals. So, the online process will make it easy by bringing them all to one place and no need to stand in the lines. Quickpayportal is one of these online medical payment portal providing many other benefits.

About Quickpayportal

The portal is very secure with the personal details you record while making the bills. Here are certain things you need to have an idea to manage the patient bills using the Quickpayportal. It helps in coordinating all the members who involve in the billing process and provide additional benefits. The portal is an initiative of Athena Health to build software for health billing, which helps the patients and hospital management.


The Quickpayportal is the online and easy way to pay the bills using their access code provided on the billing statement. Centres which are associated with Qucikpay will give you the code to enter the website and pay the bills. The process of the making bills, portal code and advantages of Qucikpayportal you can check the details.

Benefits of Using QuickpayPortal Online

The online medical bill payments modes come up with many benefits, along with secure payments. You can collect the data of patients easily and faster from the account. All the departments of the hospital who are involved in the billing process brought to one platform. You can book appointments, track the daily activities, and the medical history of the patient will also be available from the online portal. The benefits of the quickpay portal are

  1. Schedule appointment
  2. Message for doctor’s advice
  3. Renewal of prescription
  4. Check test reports online

There are many other advantages of using the online Quickpayportal for medical bills.

Pay Patient Bills Online @

We can pay the bills online from the portal very quickly just using the access code on the statement. The account holders in the portal will get additional benefits which provide more sufficient details about the personal medical condition. We can pay the bills online using different modes for Quickpayportal. All these are very secure and flexible payment options. The list of different payment options are

  • Phone
  • Mail process
  • Online
  • In-person

We will provide you with the detail of all these payments process so that you can manage patient bills online using the


It is one of the easy ways to make the bills online, and we all have Smartphones. You can make the bills anytime and anywhere very easily. Use the code on the top right side of statement to Sign In account quickly and pay the bills.

QuickPay Portal Sign-in

Mail Process

If you are not familiar with the online process or using a Smartphone, than Quickpayportal has the mail method through which the bills can be a payoff. You can check for the mail address in the statement or ask in the counter. Mail the money in the form of cheque or cash to the address.

Pay Medical Bills Using Quickpayportal Code


It is a general mode of payment where we need to visit the hospital at check out counter. Submit your statement and make the bill payments.

Online payment

If you don’t possess a Smartphone, then you can use the online process to pay bills. Open the official website of Quickpayportal in the browser and give the access code that will show patient detail on screen. Check the amount and choose the mode of payment like credit, debit or internet banking process. You can take the receipt of payment for any further complications.

The information mentioned above is regarding the patient bill payment through online. This website is Quickpayportal, where the user can easily manage and pay all their medical transactions online.


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