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Quickpayportal is an online service which is used to pay medical bills quickly and has its headquarters in Massachusetts. A more natural, time-saving process for all patients where they can pay their medical bills in a few seconds. As earlier, there is no need to wait in the queue for a longer time to complete the billing in hospitals.  An easy way by entering your 15 digits secured code that is very safe to make the payments. If you are looking for information about using the QuickPayPortal, then you are at right place. We have provided the Sign-in, making payments, QuickPay code in detail.


The QuickPayPortal is the online pay portal developed and maintained by Athena Health. It is the most used website to pay medical bills. Athena Health is an American company which offers network-based solutions to health centres and also a public traded company. It has about 110 million users to pay their bills without any difficulty. If you want to make payments using the QuickPayPortal, then the hospital should be associated with this online website.


What Is QuickPayPortal 15 Digit Code

To sign and pay the bills in this online pay portal we need the QuickPayPortal Code. The official website is www.QuickPayPortal.com. The QuickPay Code is a unique ID in the patient record. A 15 digit number which given on the medical bill. The hospitals who want to make their bill payments using the QuickPay will add this Code to their medical statements. If there is no QuickPayPortal code not printed on your bill, then the “statement ID” or “Access Code” will do the same job. You can also make payments using PayMyDoctor

The QuickPayPortal is much secured, and it maintains and manages the privacy of patient health information. It has the own privacy policy that will complete its duties towards your security. All the health, private and account information secured in Quickpayportal.

How to Login QuickPayPortal

 The patients or the person associated with them can freely pay their bills using the QuickPayPortal. The steps to log in the account and access are discussed below in a clear, structured format.

Things  To log-in And Access The QuickPayPortal

  • QuickPayCode

                To log in quickpayportal, the code is a must.

  • Valid email Address

               The portal sends the health-related emails to your address.

  • Personal details

               For the verification and further contact purpose if in any need.

  • Adobe Reader

It will help you to view the documents sent through the email and make sure you have this application in your device.

  • Internet connection

Steps To Sign QuickPayPortal

If you are the first time user of the QuickPayPortal, then there is a need to enter a few details. Follow the instructions

  • Open your browser to see the official website of the QuickPayPortal.
  • Click the link here for the official website QuickPayPortal.com.
  • When the link opened, ultimately you can see the text box below.
QuickPay Portal Sign-in
QuickPayPortal Sign-in
  • Enter the QuickPay Code or Access Code or Statement ID in the provided box.
  • Tap on the “Sign In” option on the website page.
  • The existing users can give their password in the field provided and click on enter.
  • If you are a new user, then give Patients name and follow the screen steps and set a password to your account.

Now, the portal display all the information about the patient name, Date of Joining, Account Number and also the total amount and due amount to pay. Follow the instructions as given below. You need to have Quickpayportal code to log in and pay the billing amount. The code will be available on the prescription given to the patient, and other details are given below in this article. Go through the steps and complete the process to sign in.

How To Get QuickPayPortal Code

The quickpayportal is the best online mode to make the hospital bills quickly at one click. People who want to pay the bills should have the QuickPayPortal code along with them. Here we will tell you how to get this QuickPayPortal Code. The QuickPayPortal Code is a 15 digit secured code given to the patient during admission. You can see this code on the medical prescription where he can pay the bills online.

With the help of this, the patient or their guardians can quickly pay the medical bills from the website using this code by following the steps given in sign in section. The Portal service has another way of making payments if you are not aware of using the online service. You can pay the bills through the official email address or call the support team to the number on your subscription. They are available at any time.

How To Pay Medical Bills At QuickPayPortal 

To make the payments online, you need to login to the online portal. To login, check the above information. The payment of the medical bills is secure as discussed below

  • Open the official website and give your QuickPay Code and sign-in to the account.
  • You can see the dashboard of your account which has all the details. Click on the “Bill Payment” option in the dashboard.
  • Now you can see the bills paid and the dues of your medical bills.
  • Click the medical bill you want to pay from the list and select the mode of payment.
  • You can pay the bills using your Debit Card/Credit Card, Net Banking also.
  • Select the payment mode you are flexible with and proceed to make the transaction.
  • After the successful payment of the bill, you will receive the SMS and email to the registered phone number and email address respectively.

With this, you have finished paying the bills using the QuickPayPortal.

Advantages Of Quickpayportal

  • You can check the previous medical history and payments made to them in the patient’s dashboard.
  • We can check the symptoms list in the portal and can know the illness that is causing them.
  • Type the keyword and get the results related in the “Health and Wellness” search box.
  • The online portal provides the links which are helpful for the medical test of the patients.
  • We can schedule the doctor appointment and also reschedule it in the “appointments” tab of the portal.
  • We can add the card easily to the portal account by just giving the card information. So, we can make the payments easily with one click.
  • Easy view of the patient’s test results in the portal only after the approval from the provider.
  • You can also request for the prescription through the online portal by describing your particular symptoms.
  • You can see the insurance information under My profile Tab after login.
  • The website provides a way to add credit or debit card for the billing purpose. It helps you to manage your payment methods in the portal.
  • User can add the card number to the saved card list so that he can directly pay from his card by tapping on pay option next time.

How To Book Appointment Using QuickPayPortal

It is one of the main advantages of having a Quickpayportl login on the website. Here are the instructions to book an appointment from the web portal.

  • First login to Quickpayportal.
  • Search for message tab on the home page of the website and tap on compose option.
  • Choose Appointments and scheduling option from the dropbox of a message.
  • One can select provider, location and time and day from the week.
  • Give your subject and message in the text field given on the web page.
  • Tap on the Send button to book your appointment, and you will get a confirmation message to your number.

QuickPay Code Not Working issues

  • If the www.quickpayportal.com/quickpaycode is invalid, then check your code entered is a 15 digit code from the Billing Statement.
  • The QuickPay Code will expire if the billing statement is more than a year old and also it is not valid if the full payment completed.
  • You can use the Latest QuickPay Code on the Medical Statement.
  • The Code is not valid in the departments where QuickPayPortal is not available.

Quickpayportal Customer Service Number

If there are any issues with the QuickPayPortal online website, then contact or write to the Athena Health group email address.

For any medical emergency service dial 911


We have wrapped everything about the QuickPayPortal and its advantages. We discussed the login and making payments instructions in detail. I hope this information gives you to make your bill payments very quickly. Also, check for other payment portals on loginpayportal.


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