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Target Pay And Benefits – An online portal used to check your pay stubs and give salaries and payments. The benefits will be in the form of health, financial and educational benefits. All the employees of the Target must and should have an account in the targetpayandbenefits. You can access the online service by logging in to the target account at the official website. The official website is managed by Aon Hewitt which is a human capital and management provider in the United States of America.


Target Pay And Benefits Login @ targetpayandbenefits.com

Target is the second largest retailer with great discounts in the USA. This was founded in 1902 with headquarters in Minneapolis by George Dayton with a different name. Target name was given in 1903 by Dayton. The store contains all the goods from all categories of our requirement. They give the benefits to their customers in the form of mobile and corporate gift cards and dining gift cards. To check all these benefits by the customers and also benefits of the employees of the Target they can use the website targetpayandbenefits.com.

Benefits Of Target Pay

This offers the benefits which include the following

  • Health Well being is offered to your family to lead the healthy and balanced life. You can get the complete information on the website.
  • Financial Well-being will make you and your family stable and make good decisions in financial aspects for today and for your tomorrow.
  • Pay on Time helps you to support the wellness goals outside of the workplace like parental leave and relocation.
  • You will also get the educational savings for your children and supports you build skills for a lifetime.

You can also verify the various discounts available for your health and financial issues.

Target Pay And Benefits Login

Everyone is busy in their life. So, coming to the store and checking the benefits of the card is quite impossible and they can lose the benefits of the cards unknowingly. So, this website will be very helpful to know and can redeem their cards without running out o the due date.

  • Follow the steps below to login and check your Target Pay Benefits.
  • Check the internet connectivity of your device and open browser.
  • Type the URL of the targetpayandbenefits.com to in the search bar of the browser.
Targetpaybenefits Login
Targetpaybenefits Login
  • Click on enter to get the home page of the website.
  • Click on the new user in the window for non employees with Target.
  • Enter the four digit of Social Security Number in the area as guided.
Targetpaybenefits Online Login
Targetpaybenefits Online Login
  • Tap on the “Continue” button to proceed and give username and password.
  • Follow the instruction on the screen and complete the registration process
  • With this, you can have all the advantages provided by the service.

Target Pay and Benefits Employee Login

If you are an active member of the Target team then there is no need for any registration again.

  • Login with the ID used to log-on Target applications and computers.


  • Enter the home page of the official website.
  • Type your User ID and Password in the space respectively.
  • Tap on the Log On button and you can get access to the account to gain the benefits.

Recover Username and Password Of Target Pay 

If you have lost your User ID and want to change the Password of the website then you can easily reset them or recover them with simple steps.

  • To access with the User ID confirm your details.
  • Click, the ‘Forgot User ID and Password’ in the home page.
  • Give the SSN (Social Security Number) and Date of Birth details in the spaces and click on continue button.


  • Tap on the Help to get more information about the logo on, user Id and password details.

targetpayandbenefits customer service Number 


Using Target Pay and Benefits you can check the benefits of the cards by the customers and the employees of the Target retailers and associates. Check the details above and Log-in to claim the advantages offered in the website. Hope the information helps to use the portal without any issues. Also, know more about other pay portals here.


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