JCPenney Associate Kiosk Login, Discount Card Activation

JCPenney is an American departmental store in the United State. It is located in 49 states in 864 locations. The company takes good care of its employees. The JCPenney Associate Kiosk is an online website that helps them to view the work schedules online. This is only available for the Jcp Kiosk workers.

JCPenney Associate Kiosk Employee Login

 If you are an employee of JCPenney Associate then you need to login to your employee ID in order to manage your work. With this, you can do all the work schedules online. From your account, you can be at work or take an off from work. We can also apply for leave directly from the website. So, you can plan your work in an easy manner. Now let us see the Login, Registration, and benefits of the account.

JCPenney Associate Kiosk
JCPenney Associate Kiosk

If you want to login to the JCPenney Associate Kiosk website then you need to be a registered employee of the company. The registration is done online but you need to use the work computer. As the registration is not available on home computers or devices.

 JCPenney Employee Registration

In order to register online collect your employee ID from your manager. JCPenney Company provides the registration link on the official website which can be accessed only on the Company computers. Now, follow the below steps to start your registration in your JCPenney company computers.

  • Check your internet connection and keep the employee ID details handy to enter.
  • Open the official website by giving this as the URL.
  • Select the ‘New Registration’ option in the Associate Kiosk @ Home tab
  • Fill in the personal details and give the Employee ID, Name, and Social Security Number in the fields.
  • Also, enter the Date of Birth, Joining Date, Contact information, and other particulars asked.
  • Now create your password. This is used for the Login purpose to your employee login.
  • Follow the rules of the password as given and select a password.
  • As now the online registration process is completed you need to complete the First Time Login process.
  • Visit the JCPenney Associate Website and Sign in with the Employee ID and Password.

JCPenney Associate Kiosk-Login @

After the completion of your online registration, you can log in to the employee account from anywhere to know about your work schedules. The Jcp Kiosk username is your Employee ID which is 9 Digit Number and Password created at the time of registration.

Required Data To Login

  • Employee ID and Password
  • Clear your cache to get the updated JCP Associate Kiosk website.
  • Block the pop-ups
  • Good Internet connection.

Steps To Login JCPenney Associate Website

JCPenney Kiosk
JCPenney Kiosk
  • Select the tab and you will direct to the Login page.
  • Enter your Employee ID and password in the spaces provided.
  • Now click on the Sign-On option below to open your employee account.
JCPenney Associate Kiosk Login
JCPenney Associate Kiosk Login

Reset Password Of JCPenney Associate Kiosk Account

You need to change the password regularly of the JCPenney Associate Kiosk account for security reasons.

Change Password

  • Open the login page from the official website of JCPenney.
  • Click on the Change Password link to open the website on the left side of the page.
  • Give your Jcp Associate Kiosk Employee ID and the current password and click on submit to go to the next page.
  • Type the New Password and confirm it by re-entering it.
  • Now, finally, tap on Submit to complete the process.
JCPenney Kiosk Login
JCPenney Kiosk Login

Reset Password

  • If you have forgotten your password details you can reset them by using the link available on the login page.
  • Open the official website to log in to the account.
  • Find ‘I forgot Password link’ and click on it.
  • Type your employee ID and last four digits of SSN and answer the security questions and enter the details asked.
  • Now, we can see the Password Creation Screen and enter the password two times and submit it.
  • Now, your Password is reset successfully and you can log in with your new password.

The Change and  Reset Password links are only opened at the Workplace computers and cannot be accessed in the Home computers or devices.

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JCPenney Discount Card Activation

The Company provides discount cards to all the employees of the J.C Penney which is used while purchasing a product from the J.C Penney store. It gives high discounts to the cardholders. To use this card you need to activate the Discount Card online.

  • Open the official website and log in your details on the page.
  • Open your account and tap on the Discount Card Activation option.
  • Type your card number and details required.
  • Click on submit button to activate the Discount Card.
  • Once the activation is completed you can use the card at JCPenney stores to avail yourself the discounts.

JCPenney Former Employees Login

J.C Penney Company provides the benefits to their former employees until 18 months from the termination. They can use their account to reclaim the discounts and rewards of their account. The company has a separate associate for all the Former Employees of the organization. They can log into the account from the official website.

Jcp Former Associate Kiosk Employee ID And Password Details

  • The User ID is the Employee ID ( add zeros in the first place to make it a 9 digit number).
  • Your password is the default password and is eleven-digit numbers.
  • The default password is in the convention as

         JCP (Upper Case), birth month(Two-Digit), Birth Year(Two-Digit), and last four digits of your SSN.

  • You can change your password after the initial login.

Steps To Login Former Employees

  • Visit the official website using the hyperlink
  • Find and navigate to Jcp Former Associate Kiosk.
JCPenney Kiosk W2-Form
JCPenney Kiosk W2-Form
  • Type your User ID and the default password and select the language from dropbox.
  • Click on the Sign In button to precede the process.
  • Change your Jcp Former Associate Kiosk password as per your choice and remember it.
JCPenney Associate Discount
JCPenney Associate Discount
  • Now, you need to log in again with your new Employee ID and New Password.
  • Go to the My Money Section and Click on the payment option and print your PAYSTUB copy and W-2 Form from under the My Money Section.

Benefits Of JCPenney Associate Kiosk

  • It gives amazing discounts to the employee of the J.C Penney. The general employees can get 25% off on all products and All-star employees will get 30% off on all products.
  • With the account, we can view the work schedule which is decided by the management team. So, we can plan the day ahead and complete the tasks.
  • We can generate the electronic W-2 form for the Tax details on a salary which can be printed. We can also generate the present year W-2 form by requesting it from your Jcpenny Former Associate Kiosk account in the self-service section.
  • JCPenney company also provi9de health insurance, pension plan, and medical and dental benefits. These are available for the whole family of the employee.
  • To know more about the benefits login to your account and choose the powerline option at the bottom of the page.
  • Select the desired benefit to expand the details. Now Enroll Jcpenny Former Associate Kiosk and enjoy them.

JCPenney Customer Service Numbers

There are the service numbers for the J.C Penney Associate Kiosk which is helpful for all the employees.

Powerline and Paycheck issues 1-88-890-8900

W-2 Support line 1-800-567-9248

CCC verification for employment call (855) 901-3099

Lost Skylight Card 1-888-606-9800

Questions about Garnishment 1-866-324-5191

Hours: 8: 00 am to 8:00 pm

Days – Monday to Friday

Email address: [email protected]


J.C Penney Headquarters

6501, Legacy Drive,

Plano, Texas, United States


We included the registration and the login process Of the JCPenney Associate Kiosk. You can also know about the activation of the discount cards and the benefits of the card and account. The above-mentioned information is correct as per our knowledge. Call the customer support numbers mentioned above for any type of issue or check the frequently asked questions on the website homepage that is loginpayportal.

People Also Ask On JCPenny Kiosk Associates

How to check my paycheck stub on JcPenny Kiosk Associates?

One need to log in their JCpenny account and check for those details.

Is it safe to check the payroll details on online JCpenny portal?

Yes, it is safe and secure to check all your details by logging on to the portal with your jcpenny associate Kiosk employee ID and unique password.

What is i wont receive or no update of my pay stub on the JCPenny portal?

The user needs to call the customer support on 1-888-890-8900 and ask for the issue you face.

What happens if i dont use jcpenny credit card?

If you are not active that is if you wont use your credit card they will close the JCPenny credit card.


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